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Video of Albert Stückler's SS uniform

Article about: Hi. Recently I came across this video showcasing what is claimed to be the uniform of Albert Stückler, an SS-Sturmbannführer in the Das Reich Panzer Division. To me it seems too strange to b

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    This is so sad, this man probably loves his uniform and loves to show it for people.

    He is really proud of it and then it's just crap... I feel for this old man.
    But if you are naive and dont want to take your time to study, you going to end up like this man.

    When I see this video, I understand how thankful I should be to people here on the forum that are willing to teach.

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    Quote by HPL2008 View Post
    Interestingly, a Google image search for "Albert Stückler" turns up that photograph of Kämpfe.

    (Kämpfe is correctly identified on the site in question, though. The reason for that search result is simply Stückler being mentioned in the text there.)

    Clearly a case of extremely sloppy "research" by Google, without bothering to even follow the link behind the search result.
    Just goes to show again Andreas not to beleive everything that shows up on internet searches , proper research is always required !
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    Quoting FB "I have never seen an authentic black uniform with "Das Reich" as a cuff title."
    They should exist with the regimental titles Deutschland, Germania or Der Fuhrer.


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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    Quoting FB "I have never seen an authentic black uniform with "Das Reich" as a cuff title."
    They should exist with the regimental titles Deutschland, Germania or Der Fuhrer.
    Bob is right as ever. Another odd thread which leads nowhere and filled with the normal confusion that attends SS material in its sickening falsity.

    The real things are very rare, and some of us struggle to deal with the differentiation between the authentic and the fake.

    This enterprise of sifting the good from the bad and all the incessant name calling holds ever less appeal for me, but in this case, I could not be silent.

    Maybe some persons are happy enough to have a copy of something and to luxuriate in the good tall yarn about it. The message is the medium, as it were.

    Maybe that is the point, and all the effort I have devoted to details of authenticity and such are wholly beside the point.
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    damit, basta.

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    Now that is funny!! I think the guy really believes what he is saying!!! LOL!!

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    SS Officers Uniform, Appointed for a Sturmbannfuhrer of the 3rd Totenkopfverbande "Thuringen", Label

    It seems that the very same uniform appears on this site, but with different insignia. Note the bag lower pockets, the same medal loop holes, the collar style and the short, dragging sleeves.

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