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W-SS tunic in salty cond.

Article about: I would really like to see them, DDavies. Let me know when you get them in the mail. Late war items can get pretty controversial. I wonder how many other items have been deemed bad due to th

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    "Every insignia is judged for what it is."

    With respect, that's what I was saying.

    I'm on my phone, so I am unable to see the details of the eagle due to the only photo is far away, and you are right, but that's not always the case. Some people will form a opinion of the item in its entirety based on one part of it.

    Fran, can you please post another example of this collar tab you think is fake loose? Thanks
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    Circuit advertisement W-SS tunic in salty cond.
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    A Nice Tunic Removed SS EM/NCO Collar Tab
    Above is a link to the same style runic on moleskin.
    I still think the boards are good

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    Thank you Davies for that similar example. That tab, too, is good IMO. I still like the eagle, but will not comment further on it nor the boards until I'm on my laptop. Even though I only post my opinions, and try to never claim them as facts, I don't want to give any misguided information. I also still like the tunic, but once again, just my opinion.

    Note to my friend Dean, if this tunic was in my possession, I'd remove the fake cuff-title. But please wait until there's a unanimous answer on the tunics authenticity, if that's even possible. I wouldn't want you to 'damage' it and not be able to return it if need be, especially due to my suggestion.

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    Hi Dean the uniform looks great as the collar tabs are consistent with the condition of the tunic,,but i agree with the others as far as the other things being added on. Regards Larry
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    Thanks everyone, for your opinions. It was sold to me by a gentleman in his mid eighties at the flea market for a very, VERY reasonable deal, I couldn't pass it up. After all, it isnt everyday you get to pick up an authentic SS tunic for $300 !! I was also thinking of removing the CT. The guy said he got it along with some other tunics, Luftwaffe ,Heer..some helmets,he said one has the SS decal. He didn't seem to know anything about German items, as all of his stuff was American . He was also selling a black one piece gladiator with a very nice VW decal with the gear around it, on the front. Probably from a Volkswagen/schwimmwagen / kubelwagen factory. No liner, but it had the pins. He wanted the same price for the helmet as the SS tunic! hmm..should I have gotten shell instead?

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    Dean I like it it reminds me of a SS tunic back in the day I was collecting them and other items I got from Old Jack at Globe Militaria in 1979 It was a early salty calvary tunic with at least good SS insignia on it and boards yours looks OK to me. It had similar shoulder boards I can't remember too much about it. Yours looks pretty good to me it looks like a M-43 and is it the correct so called five button SS model I think Typical responses of mixed when you post a SS tunic I wonder what would be said about the one I had if I posted it however it didn't have a cuff title. I traded it in early 80 for a chained SS Dagger which turned out to be a parts piece. Oh well live and learn but I still like the salty look of your tunic. You can find a lot of good deals at these places i found a salty M-44 that I know is OK but not your text book piece with Heer insignia I will post it someday. timothy

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    Thanks Timothy, I agree. I love the battle worn,' been there' look. I'd love to see the tunic you have.

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    i'd go ahead and ditch the CT. just take it off.

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    I'd like to note, in regards to determining when the insignia's application was done, one must recall that probably most insignia on uniforms were constantly removed and then reapplied for cleaning purposes. IMO, it is close to impossible to determine when the insignia was applied just by the pictures provided. It does seem to me, however, that the runic tab has receded into the uniform quite a bit, which is a positive sign its been there for awhile. I'd like to add, too, that it is plausible the hand-sowing on the rank tab was done by a soldier in the field for a temporary fix. I've seen many pictures of ss members doing just such.
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    Just make a clear photo of top from the boards and not under any angles. Any angled photos are just worthless for anything to judge.

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