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W-SS tunic in salty cond.

Article about: I would really like to see them, DDavies. Let me know when you get them in the mail. Late war items can get pretty controversial. I wonder how many other items have been deemed bad due to th

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    Probably. I need to study these more. I noticed the bottom left rune is not always flat on the bottom like the right one is, as is depicted on my tunic and the attic and this last tab.

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    Quote by ddavies View Post
    That tab dosent belong to me Dean i wish it did.It was posted on this forum it was found with a ss uniform and a few caps.
    Here is the link to the thread
    Indeed, and that tab, along with the rest of items found were very authentic. I will say it again, just because the runes aren't outlined, doesn't make the tab fake. I'm at a restaurant currently, but when I'm done, I'll post a reference, unless someone else can before I am done. Thanks

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    Thanks, that would be great, bro.

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    Quote by ddavies View Post
    Here is one that was sold on the germanwarbooty site item ss288 listed on the ss cloth insignia archive page
    SS Cloth Insignia Archives
    No disrespect to Francesco but I think that this rune is "early" -circa 1939/1940 and as such I do not have any problem with the RZM tag.
    It would seem that this tab also has the type of backing also found on TK tabs from the same period.

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    Agree Bochmann, and I believe this style is in one of my many books. Let me finish here, and I will look. For now, I'm signing off, the wife is getting upset. :/

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    You don't want to piss her off! Shell break your texting/typing fingers!

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    You know she will Dean. Now that she's prego, she's turned into a new women, lol. Actually, she's been quite well.
    Ok, page 95 in Uniforms of the SS Vol. 6 Waffen-SS Clothing and Equipment 1939-1945 depicts what I believe is, said collar tab. Sorry, I'm unable to scan a copy of the page right now, will attempt to do it later, though.

    This is just the first book I went to as it's my favorite. Will look through others when time permits.

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    Thanks for the reference, bromo-seltzer .
    And Ill bet she's changed a bit now that the hormones are flowing double time !

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    Bromine-soda water/ mineral water from Germany? Lol Sorry, off topic.

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    Hehe..yeah, thats the technical definition .bromo-seltzer is a dumb slang for 'bro' or brother here in surfer-land. A couple more are,'Broseph' or 'bro-heim' , (a personal favorite)..even 'bro-ham'.I know, its stupid. I've had a long day,too. Nothing like you though! Jeez! You should take a cold shower. It would probably help a bit.

    Back on topic..I shall get this magical book you speak of.

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