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WAFFEN SS OFFICER'S FIELD CAP (private purchase)

Article about: If anyones going to know it going to be you guys...6am and i havent slept over this. Hopefully all will go well when i speak to the dealer in a couple of hours

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    If anyones going to know it going to be you guys...6am and i havent slept over this. Hopefully all will go well when i speak to the dealer in a couple of hours

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    I've never felt comfortable with any fieldcap that has a HBT lining apart from a few Luft and Flak Helper examples but they were salty and therefore easier to authenticate. It really comes down to the feel and touch of these things but even then, that only gets you 3/4 of the way there because the fakes in this area are extremely good and have been for at least a decade. The fabric of this hat which is a type of gabardine doesn't do anything for me, it's similar to the cloth seen on the Statni film studio caps but not identical.

    I've only ever bought one or two SS M43 style caps but they had a completely different vibe which you can feel even in a photo. By that I mean, a bit knackered and smelly. A bit like myself! Here's one.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WAFFEN SS OFFICER'S FIELD CAP (private purchase)  

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    Ben knows these things, as I do not. There were a heap found in the Prague film studio locale. Bob Coleman is also an expert. If doubt adheres, then send the thing back. You can find another one fairly soon from a stable source.
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    damit, basta.

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    The dealer is taking it back,so good news...i thank all of your comments you have saved me a lot of money.. and what price do you put on the disappointment factor i would have had in a few years when i got out a prized possession only to find id been done over.. cant thank you all enough!! not only saving me but educating me!! Men of honour

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    See guys? This is a perfect example of what this forum is all about! Thanks for being patient with the criticism of this cap. Most people get very angry when you tell them an item they dropped a lot of cash on is a fake. Also, I'm very happy to know you'll be getting your money back. Stay around here for a while and maybe you can get a nice real cap from a member or sponsor . Thanks.

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    Quote by bboywizard View Post
    The red stamps are really faint and are on both sides i think it says 344.....the fact remains everyone here is certain the skull is dodgy?
    I was wishing to get images of the stamps posted as they are fake and would be a nice reference to have. I am glad you are able to reverse the deal. Often this is not the case. These are the incidents which drive one to the well of learning.

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    I tried to photograph them but they would come out,they are really faint..i didnt even see them till that photo,but i will keep trying

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    The skull is not even a good copy.

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    Many an authentic hat has been found with its original insignia replaced with copies. Don't ever let that sidetrack you in your verdict.
    It was a wise move to return this one however, the doubt would always be there in your mind.

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    Well said Ben. Imagine how many genuine items would be discarded if one was always to base its authenticity just on one aspect, instead of the whole picture.

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