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waffen ss tunic dodgy at best

Article about: I would have one concern about using regular straight pins if there is any kind of moisture / humidity in the air it may leave a little dark mark and or rust staining were the pins are expos

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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    It is always unwise to make pronouncements when you do not have knowledge to back up your statement. I personlly do not like the way the collar tabs sit on the collar. The shoulder board may be poorly installed or it may have experienced post war damage. My thoughts are that this tunic was partially stripped of insignia and then rebuilt. The observations is based soley on the photographs and in hand, the interpretation might change.
    thank you this was my thoughts i was not sure on the insignia . then to be told its a east german tunic well that put me right on the back foot thinking i have gone mad ,

    i have now spent the last 8-9 hours emailing reading and so on , this is flemish made insignia still a bit of a stale mate on the cufftitle at this point . there is the same sort in the angolia , but the photo is not to hot to give absolute. ,

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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Just change the subject slightly, the EK1 in the above link is a fake. I have no idea who the tunic belongs to but might be worth mentioning to the owner?
    thanks yes i know that it just comes with a cross its in a aucton today ,

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    mr hirtz has made remarkes here on another set ss off tabs set - Militaria Forums

    i do i have some insite in tunics but not to the point at time's i dont need to ask its a never ending Learning , i take on board what people say but i dont just sit back and say ha my work is done , if i took that road i would not have fond out more about the insignia .

    hands on is always best but it helps to get a over view from people that are more Learnade then you ..i have learnt something to day , i ant all that behind my self when it come's to tunics .

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    Default Re: waffen ss tunic dodgy at best

    Now if some one would be so kind what would a price range on this be , its not mine .. but I think i will treat it as part restord till i have more on the cuffttile , i have spoken to one or two that think it look;s ok , But that's a thinking not a 100% . This is not the first foreign tunic i have come by . i have an amazing sd tunic that was fully reworked from a army em's ..... now for some who dont know the germans at the end were recycling tunics .ha at the end i mite get out bid or get cold feet with the topic tunic at hand .

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Hmm....maybe my eyes are just old, but it looks like Grey thread, to me....
    Personally, I think this whole trouncing of this lad with this tunic is awful. He's said that it's not His and the photos he's provided were all that were possible. He's repeatedly asked for someone to show him a 6 button East German tunic that looks like this one, since it's been so vociferously shouted that that is what it is, and no one has yet to post a photo of one. He's never pretended like it was anything but questionable to him and simply wanted to know why it is looking like it does and why it might be in it's present state.
    For what it's worth, my impression of it is the same that Bob said-it looks like a tunic that was stripped and then reassembled. Possibly with whatever insignia the re-assembler had available, which just happened to be Flemish made pieces. Tricot, polyester, silk, plastic....Me, I can't tell just what the thing is made of by looking at low quality photos. The poster said it's made of Tricot and He examined it in Hand. Until I actually had it unbuttoned and lying on the table in front of me, I would not make a 100% definitive statement of it's material.
    People do actually come to this forum on occasion to discuss items they're not sure about or want more information on. Not Everyone comes here to try to fool the experts and sell fraudulent pieces. The reaction to this poster's perfectly reasonable questions about this tunic have been awful.
    thank you

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    Got it! I knew i had seen that cufftitle somewhere before, and there it is, right on page 73, vol. 2, Collecting Third Reich SS and Political Cuffbands, by Ulric of England. The origin of this rare variation is unknown- could be foreign or German, but its original! Its my belief that this tunic is correct as is, and I'd love to own it...

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    any chance to see a photo please

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    any one have this book that could please send a photo i am running out of time before i make a play or not too thanks shit of all books i dont have them on a day like this

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    Default Re: waffen ss tunic dodgy at best

    Here it is...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture waffen ss tunic dodgy   at best  

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    Quote by Arran View Post
    Here it is...
    thanks one thing is in the adolf in this one i have showin is the f is missing the bottom turn , and in the angolia page 289 its showing the one i have put up with out the turn in the f , the one you have put up shows the turn in the f

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    Go for it, Hawkins. Looks like a green light after all! Good luck on the auction! Hope you get it after all this trouble! I'm not going to hazard a shot at the price value-that's pretty much up to what you feel is right yourself!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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