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What should be the price for that SS-Standartenführer Collar Tab?

Article about: I am 99 percent sure it is genuine but don't have a clue how much it should be worth in this condition? I have checked German booty but archive got articles without pricing. Pics:

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    I also have no idea about the full range of prices. These vary in practice from theory.

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    Bob Coleman is as expert in this field as any of us, and I would follow his guidance.
    damit, basta.

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    I totally agree with You guys and thanks for quick as always and perfect answers. My mistake was to search pieces close to my location, now I got a lot of places where I could buy things in nice condition and that's what I will do soon, and as always Mr.Friedrich .... your "photo proofs" are great !

    I don't know If that was a grave dug .

    Thanks for all answers !!

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    We are trying to keep you out of trouble. I am grateful that you at least listen and you also say thank you, which are two remarkable things.

    Most pay no attention. They seem incapable of thought and their manners are really abysmal.

    When you add up the senior old farts here, as they are, you have a lot of experience and insight, as well as the collective expense of their collections, all of which is had no where else.

    We also want to help young people, because that is the basis of civilization and culture, but you persons have to buy our collections at some point and you should know what you are doing.

    Knowledge is there to be shared.
    damit, basta.

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    As to the concept of cheap, authentic SS insignia, in my mind it is akin to akin to the idea of a cheap, used Mercedes Benz. There is nothing more expensive than a cheap, used Mercedes Benz.

    This idea applies to SS insignia. The real material that is easily had via websites is in a few places, and none of it is cheap. But certain of them tend to have real things.

    At some point, one reaches the point where one can join an inner circle, more or less away from the crowd, where real material is also had, but in order to do so, one has to pay one's dues.

    This process is demonized on the other site in a particularly low and foolish manner.

    I am always gratified to meet people here who accept Adrian and his lieutenants' precepts and who add to our work to the benefit of all.
    damit, basta.

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