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White SS dienstrock

Article about: How were the insignia i.e. the shoulder boards, the collar tabs and the sleeve eagle attached to the white SS dienstrock type of uniform. I have heard of screw on but were they ever held on

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    Such white tunics as these seldom, if ever, have marks. The black cap does not fit to the uniform. The boots are plainly SS, as is the black cap. The white tunic is of the era, but I am not so sure about the insignia. The early black enlisted cap looks odd. The grey SS cap might be real, but I cannot tell.
    Others here more expert than I can offer an opinion.
    damit, basta.

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    Bergspyder, unfortunately the eagle on your ss officer's visor is a well known fake

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    Do the awards belong to the tunic? A WW1 veteren he then spent 25 years in the Polizei according to his bar

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Hello Nick and Niederlande...thanks for the input...there are four(3-correction) SS visor caps can you help me know which one has the fake adler and is the rest of that cap fake aswell...As to the awards, the collector states they came with the uniform...I noticed one to be a WW1 veterans cross and two were poliezi...he would have been about 45-50 years old possibly...don't know the owners ID...thought maybe the insignia and medals might help arrive at an ID...the shoulder boards are of course 2nd Lt. medical but have the silver gray piping of the RFSS...was he a doctor at a concentration camp or in some otherway of SS general staff....there are about 15 articles that I need help with counting the uniform as one set: 1)Early SS visor/em/no jaw bone skull
    2)the uniform collection(tunic),insignia,medals,cord,sword suspender,boots,pants(no pics)and belt.
    3)SS winter fur cap with skull
    4)SS fez hat
    5)workers party visor with veterans badge
    6)SS black visor em/without chin strap
    7)Police visor with mountain pin on chin strap(left side)
    (8) ss cap removed was an error)
    9)WH visor cap with gold piping/cord and silver cocade
    10)M43 cap with triangle eagle
    12)M43 tan color
    13)WH generals collar tabs
    14)SS visor cap officers(gray with black band)
    15)silver enameled with emblems and spinner arrow(what is it)
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    A few observations:

    The fourth cross from the left on the medal bar does not belong there. The white-and-blue ribbon is for a Bavarian service decoration, but the cross suspended from it is for the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse.

    The white tunic is actually not the offical SS model (which had an open collar and internal side pockets) but of the Wehrmacht cut.
    (That alone does not necessarily mean something, as this type was sometimes worn unofficially by W-SS officers as well; well-known examples are Demelhuber, Schmedes and Bremer.)

    The "spinner" thing is interesting and a bit odd. The individual triangles composing the baseplate are, of course, all traffic signs, as is the spinning arrow with the three dots. More specifically, they are traffic signs from the pre-1934 regulations.
    Historische Verkehrszeichen - Verkehrstalk-Foren
    Verkehrsschilder vor 1934
    Could this be from some kind of learning game?
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    Thanks HPL2008, your input on the tunic and the medals are most appreciated...what would the Bavarian service award cross look like, are they available in order to correct the uniform...The spinner thing is definitely traffic signals, but not sure it was for a game as you note it is made of 997 silver...more food for thought....really need a break down of all the items and what I should offer for the ones that are correct....Elliott

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    Quote by bergspyder View Post
    The spinner thing is definitely traffic signals, but not sure it was for a game as you note it is made of 997 silver...
    Yes, I noticed that, too. A game (an expensive high-end luxury one) was simply the only purpose that made any sense to me; I am, of course, by no means sure about this.

    Quote by bergspyder View Post
    What would the Bavarian service award cross look like, are they available in order to correct the uniform....
    Sorry, my knowledge about Imperial-era awards is very limited; you should post this question in the Imperial German section. (There were different models, categories and classes of these awards and I cannot tell with certainty which one would be the likeliest here.)

    As an example, see here for the 1913-model 1st Class cross for 15 years and the 1913-model 3rd Class medal for 9 years:
    Dienstauszeichnung 1.Klasse für 15 Jahre 1913
    Dienstauszeichnung 3.Klasse 1913

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    What a great fund of knowlege you have a feeling for what each of these items would be worth? sounds like some are worth purchasing and or pursuing...wish I knew which other of the items are fakes....thanks, Elliott

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    Hello All...can anyone help with this list whether they are real or fake each one and the value of them....really could use the help...this guy wants to sell and will auction them if I'm not interested...I don't have to buy all just what I want...please help...thanks, Elliott

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