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Would like opinions on my SS Götz von Berlichingen Tunic...

Article about: Hi all, I received this tunic today from the nephew of a woman who was a teenager in Germany at the end of the war (she recently passed away). The story his Aunt told about the tunic is uniq

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    Thought I'd post back some good news regarding this tunic. As collectors we all know the value of an in-hand inspection over photos (which will never be able to tell the whole story).

    I had the tunic reviewed (in-hand) by two of the most respected SS collectors here in the States so that I would have a second (and third) opinion. The reports from both are that everything about this piece is period original and period applied. They also have no problem with the apparent mismatching of the boards to the cuff title, stating similar reasoning to those mentioned here by Ade and Dimas. So for me the question of originality and period application has been put to rest thanks to all of you, and now also the opinions of third party SS cloth experts who inspected the tunic in person.

    An interesting point about this tunic that I'd like to share (pointed out to me by one of the gentlemen who reviewed it)... Both vertical pleats on the reverse of the tunic have been un-threaded. I'd always thought this to be a flaw (i.e. the stitching simply came undone). He pointed out to me that along the button line on the front you can see where the buttons were moved outward by about an inch (you can see the previous button holes in one of the photos I posted). That, along with the removal of the stitching along those two pleats suggests that the SS soldier either gained a little weight or (for whatever reason) needed some extra room in his tunic.


    I collect WW2 German , US Uniforms and Japanese Uniforms.

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