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Would you have these in your collection

Article about: Up for sensible discussion, are a pair of WSS slip on shoulder boards piped in yellow for signals. Standard correct subtle NCO's tress, wool construction, artificial silk under. Rayon/silk p

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    That is a lot of very good made fakes around, and I seen some very nice examples, which are very hard to recognize even in hand inspection, with all the correct stitchings and materials.


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    Yes, Dimas, I agree. If you have original piping and tresse, the shoulder boards are easy to copy, for someone with sewing talent.

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    I enjoy a good constructive debate. And I think that this has been achieved with this thread. There are for's, and against.

    Steve. I checked again tonight on the stitching and there are definitely 2 pieces of fabric sewn together, although the 2 separate pieces do not appear to be as long as the boards (If that make sense)

    However. I am still not convinced that they are real. I would always have doubts, and therefore they will not go up for sale. It's just an item i will have to swallow

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    I will tell what kind of straps I prefer.
    Firstly the early one with a hardened glue cloth inside of the strap, usually the same as used on the collartab backing, also felt straps, which are not easily to made.
    Secondary, textbook mid to late war straps with zig-zag on the slip tongue. That kind of shoulder straps usually has black lining which can be found in exact that kind of boards, and not used in other kind of uniforms ( the same in structure as a late type SS Erbentarnmuster camo cloth). Also the feldgrau backing is mostly not the same as used on the uniforms

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