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A WSS colored cap in California...

Article about: After the Adolf desk, the Mengele paper our wonderful Craigy is always here with a new Extra Mega rare cap....your comments are welcome of course...

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    May i ask if this visor has a chance at all?

    Yes i know the dealer has a less than positive reputation, i would like to know more around the object and less about the person/dealer.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Circuit advertisement A WSS colored cap in California...
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    God Damn
    I'm scrolling the thread reading and then my eyes were bombarded by that sawed off, beady eyed, t**t.
    Next time give a little warning buddy.
    I have been !!!! GOTTLIEBED !!!!
    That could be a new euphemism for "phuqed"

    Ooops I made this post before I read Bob's admonition. Sorry buddy.
    Last edited by Larry C; 02-20-2014 at 09:18 AM.

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    It has the early cupal insignia in Deschler and Wagner combination. The insignia can tarnish on itselfs like our friend FB said, especially the cupal ones.
    Here you can clearly see that this set has been freshly placed.
    Kind Regards,

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    He has a good Photographer though.
    Kind Regards,

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    Well...many thanks all for your opinions, and no censured post by the mod team...

    Yes first, the question is : the cap is original or not ?

    that cap has been polished by the seller I think, insignas has been removed, black interior is not my favorite, and we have 0 pics details Under the SW, but it's not realy important for that ultra rare cap because the general feeling will be always bad to me...

    if one collector friend can be inspected the caps in max show, please make pics !

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    ..another"new generation fake"?

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    Default's very hard to choose a cap on craiglist all is very interesting...but for you, we have a other winner... I would like the B.Coleman and F.B opinion about that ss kepi...

    A WSS colored cap in California...A WSS colored cap in California...A WSS colored cap in California...A WSS colored cap in California...A WSS colored cap in California...A WSS colored cap in California...

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    Bob Coleman looked at the twin of this kepi when it first appeared.

    I cannot really generalize about these things without actually feeling then, sniffing them, and looking at them in the sunlight, the twilight, and the whatever.

    I also compare them to the ones I own, and I use a lope and such to examine them minutely, as is warranted.

    My gut feeling is that the Waffen SS cap is probably fake.

    But Gottlieb does have real SS caps, so one is foolish to dismiss it all out of hand.
    damit, basta.

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    F-B,doe's that go for Natalie Wood as well,grrr calm down boy.

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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    F-B,doe's that go for Natalie Wood as well,grrr calm down boy.

    - - ------- - -

    You are very perceptive.
    damit, basta.

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