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WW2 SS uniform?

Article about: Thanks everyone. I knew it was authentic but had no idea these things were valuable until a few days ago when I started searching online. There's some writing on the back of the metal crest

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    Quote by Wehrmacht39 View Post
    I'm with the other guys, I say don't sell it.

    keep the tunic, some things are worth so much that you just shouldnt sell them. it makes no sense really but you have a incredibly rare tunic that you need to hold on to. you are very lucky to have such a great piece of history. take good care of it.

    is there a more detailed story behind it?

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    Nice tunic!
    What does the letter on the shoulder board stand for?

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    the "P" stands for anti-tank unit,,,Panzerjager...Keep the tunic,,dont sell...

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    Sophie great jacket. If you can find out who 's it was you could be talking lots and lots of money. If the jacket is something that means nothing to you then sell it so someone else can take care of it . If it is something that you care about then keep it for your family so it can be passed down to another generation. If the guy that comes to look at it does not make an offer in the thousands tell him to have a nice day. Good luck with the jacket. Gary

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    Hi Sophie.

    Cant say anything more than what has already been said.

    Great tunic in great condition.
    Keep it, donot sell it, look after it and you will watch your annuity grow in leaps and bounds.
    Just out of curiosity, is there an owners name anywhere in it? If there is, it will also, potentially, increase the value.

    Regards etc
    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    I won't comment on the authenticity of this tunic for sale but it came from a reputable source, Bill Shea and will give you an idea of value.
    SS Officers Tunic Totenkopf Sturmbannfuhrer

    Sophie, I believe your tunic might be even more desirable.

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    Sophie that is the sort of money you could be looking at so don;t rush into any decision about it.

    If you offered it for sale many collcetors would take it off your hands so if you want to sell you don't have to sell it to the first one that comes along.
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    The money that you should get for this tunic could be a life changing sum. Life is for living and there's no point struggling day to day when there is something like this hanging in the wardrobe. I know my grandad would have wanted me to use the money to enjoy life rather than feel I was obliged to hold on to it whilst worrying about if the next cheque is going to pay the bills. However, if money is not an issue, I would definitely advise that you keep it to pass on to your children. Make sure they know the history and value though!! otherwise it might end up being thrown away or sold to a dealer for peanuts. I've heard of that all too often.

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    The following are also good sources along with Shea (already listed)--both are honorable dealers that have the money and knowledge to give you a fair return.

    Robertīs Collectibles

    Even if you are dead set on selling it may be wise to hang on to it for another few years anyway. These pieces do appreciate pretty quickly.

    Though again, keep it--I hope this situation has sparked your interest in a great hobby that needs more women! You would already have your centerpiece.

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    Thanks guys. If I do decide to sell it I'll be careful and take everything you've said under advice.

    It's funny, my grandfather had a long career in the Air Force and I don't feel any sentimental attachment to his medals. What I mostly treasure are the photographs of him from WW2, his pow journal and the medal he made himself as a prisoner of war.

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