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View Poll Results: Fake or Authentic? WWII Waffen-SS M43 & M40 Tunics with full Insignia

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  • Is the M43 Tunic Authentic?

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  • Is the M40 Tunic Authentic?

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  • Is the Götz von Berlichingen Cuff Title Authentic?

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  • Is the M40 Tunic Sleeve Eagle Authentic?

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  • Is the M40 Collar Tabs & Shoulder Boards Authentic?

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  • Is the M43 Collar Tabs & Shoulder Boards Authentic?

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  • Is the M43 Tunic Stamps Authentic?

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  • Is the M40 Tunic Stamps Authentic?

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  • Is Both Tunics Wrong & Fake?

    4 100.00%
  • Is the M40 & M43 Tunic look authentic but something on them is wrong?

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Multiple Choice Poll.
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WWII Waffen-SS Elite M40 Götz von Berlichingen & M43 Signal Corps Tunics complete with Insignia (Authentic or Fake?) Help?

Article about: WWII Waffen-SS Elite M40 Götz von Berlichingen & M43 Signal Corps Tunics complete with Insignia (Authentic or Fake?) Help? I have these limited photographs available currently but will g

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    Might I add , You're on " Thin Ice " mately .

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    Excuse me!? Who are you to speak to me in that manner?

    I don't take kindly or appreciate this discrimination and threat you made against me Chris! I suggest you apologize and next time.. not throw you weight around like you own everyone and actually "only post a reply" on this thread that I also have a full right on like everyone else on this FORUM.. and actually write something about the tunic, what you think and to deliver your comments and thoughts.. in a professional manner!

    Not to just say "ah I don't like it" who cares what someone likes or doesn't like! If I don't like something I keep the opinion to myself.. and remain respectable but kindly answer and say I have my doubts on this item and say, explain what does not look right on an particular item out of context from knowledge, not feeling! So there is no need, no reason for you or anyone to threaten me on a personal level and if you do.. come and do it to my face and we can happily throw a bar fight and then make piece and have a round of beers alright? Thanks

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    "Bar Fight", Give me a break!!!

    Over and Out,


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    Believe me Larry I am at no bottom end of collecting, we own the largest private collection in the whole of Africa, one of the few finest and thinned out WWII German Collections in the World with one of a kind and famous pieces from famous figures in history, this collection is valued I would think around 1.5 to 2 or so million dollars or even more.. I actually have no idea to be honest.

    I've been collecting for 22 years straight, it is just Waffen-SS tunics, caps and stuff that are a difficult kind collecting because there are so many frauds trying to make realistic tunics and sell them off as originals and in general upset the entire market for these and now days allot of things are being produced such that no one alive can tell the difference between a original or a fake with countless items.. like tunics, anything with camouflage, smalls, medals, badges, even helmets... and that is why thee forums exist.. to simply share with others, to connect and to collect more information on a certain item!

    So there's no need to say things like I won't survive here on this forum.. there is a freedom of speech with respect which I am fully aware of and following carefully here. No one knows who I really am in person, let alone my character in person.
    So anyone who likes to judge others like I've been judged earlier on this forum for speaking my mind with honesty.. please leave this thread and don't even dare to reply or leave a comment or else I will report it!

    As I was saying, it seems to me now days... that there is no one willing to say anything about this tunic because, like with so many items and usually the owner of the item is like little puppy dog saying "yes sir" and backing down like a fool.. with some items I've checked out to be correct.. so yes many forums are dominated by a few but say for instance... 20 guys posts something negative about an item, maybe 2 people has a point but the rest are influenced but unsure and what is only one person says it looks right!?

    What happens? All the other 20 people judges the one person that said it looks right and this one person is 10 times the expert on a particular item like a little badge or something than all the rest. So what happened here.. this one expert collector who has more knowledge than all the other 20 combined and then he gets the cold shoulder and everyone labels him. So what is going to happened in the future with an item that is correct, that correct item will suddenly change from being original to reproduction! Because they will influence the rest of the would like a cancer that spreads! And this exact thing happened to the Maybauer Rounder Knight's Cross Yip the Maybauer is beautiful example of discrimination today and recent years and where did it start? on internet Forums!

    I have a Maybauer Knight Cross or the Rounder as it's called goes where I got this lovely little medal award from? Gisela Retch.
    Who was he, just the youngest soldier in WWII that was awarded the Knight's Cross by Adolf Hitler himself in person! at the age of 17 years old, he fought in the Russian front, highly distinguished soldier with 7 tank kills.. he was a friend of the family and my father and his son flew together. He used to live in South Africa close to us and we would visit him and he would tell us about the War.

    he was living proof that Maybauer is one the rarest original Knight's Crosses that you can even find, his medal.. along with all his other awards are a part of our museum and then one day I saw the posts on Wehrmacht-Awards and I was disgusted how everyone shot the rounded down like a worthless fake! That made me so angry.. but I never said a word, rather just kept it to myself, but my days of staying quiet are over because I have had enough.

    I am actually thinking of collecting all the evidence, putting all together with the photographs and documentation and to just embarrasses so many to prove them wrong that this particulate award is actually genuine and believe me.. this won't be this first time this ha happened.

    Think of it.. I would've also agreed that it's fake if I read the forums.. and never knew the veteran! Of course.. but I have and I got his awards in the museum and that is the proof that would prove everyone completely wrong but I would have to put it all together and see if I have enough evidence to prove it and if I do have, it's done and I'm going to have such a fun time reading up one the world's comments about them finding out they were wrong all the time hahahaha

    As I was saying... for some weird reason allot of collectors are too afraid to speak their minds now days because as soon as they feel they might make a mistake then they feel threatened, they feel that other collectors are going to judge them for the rest of their lives when in reality.. we are just people, and people are born to make mistakes, trail and error and so.. we learn!

    There is a guy difference between a guy trying to sell a obvious fake and a original and a guy who is asking about weather his items are original or not! So.. if someone thinks something is right but he's wrong then he isn't guilty of anything on any forum on earth and those who judge him and label him are the "big shots or the know it all's" and they are.. like I explained earlier the kind of guy that walks up to you.. takes one quick 5 second look at your German helmet that cost you $5,000 and then they just shove it back in your hands with forced disrespect and look away and say in a bad manner "it's fake!" Fake fake fake fake fake.. that kind of person I cannot tolerate!

    Last time I was at the 70th Anniversary of El Alamein in a huge reenactment about two years back.. that exact thing happened to me, to I just laughed and smiled and sort of argued.. and said to the guy that he didn't even look closely at the German helmet I just bought from a dealer at the show, so he started getting extremely rude and walked away haha and then... his son came to me anonymously and offered to buy the helmet from me.. and I immediately knew this guy sent his son to buy something he firstly wanted to put me off of L.O.L. and I told his son "no thank you matey, this helmet is a nice original and worth about $10,000 USD" which it really is.. and later that evening this guy who is supposed to be a respectable person who has so much experience in these things were extremely rude to me all through the weekend.

    So please everyone jump in and I ask you to please tell me what yo think of my Tunics, especially the M43? There is no doubt in my mind that, that tunic is a 100% but the other one but I am still not a 100% convinced and need more professional comments on these tunics!? I think the cuff title was added and the sleeve eagle is a bad fake that was added to replace the one that used to be one originally. Furthermore, I can't see a single thing else that looks wrong.. so does anyone agree to we can settle this?

    If no one responds then that would mean I've waisted my time believing that people in the collectors world and on these Forums are still friendly and care free like we should be.. back in the days I used to remember when I was little.

    So what is my point after so much useless typing...?
    Well? It is this...

    Every collector has a right to his own thoughts, and decisions.. agree?
    Every collector has his right to comment and deliver his now poor entry level or professional advanced comment or opinions, agree?
    Every collector is equal! As are man.. and we are free to speak our mind and share knowledge with out fear, without a care of making mistakes along the way because that is how we learn! Because 10 minds together is stronger than 1 and sometime 1 mind is all it takes to change millions of lives, or pass on knowledge that could teach thousands something, no matter how small!
    We wil treat each other with respect, regardless of age! Age doesn't say anything about a person at all... everyone is different and ruing on their own pace in life..

    I will admit one day when I am 40, I will not even be half the man of a 18 year old boy back in WWII, already a squadron leader fighting off the Luftwaffe at 10,000 feet and defending his country and dying for our freedom! So I do not judge a book by it's cover.
    Everyone is different but here I am in my element and when I meet collectors, it is bar fight and a drink game with 1 liter draft before you know it and I've met so many fantastic people.. of the best!! Then we go reenact at the War & Peace Show in England seeing in the trench with a camp fire pretending and feeling like little boys again

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    Hahaha a bar fight does sound pretty good right about now and huge 1 liter beers like in Munich at the Hofbräuhaus München haha what a owl place! Anyone that wants to visit South Africa, you are welcome and I'll take you for a spin on the Dodge WC63 and in the Willy's Jeeps in Hermanus, Western-Cape.. the valley of the whales! Lovely place and a tourist magnet I tell you!
    Last time I was there in August there was over a 140 whales in the bay and going back in the next week for a couple of months
    They should put a little beer picture up on this site Lol

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    Quote by Leopardesigns View Post
    I have a Maybauer Knight Cross or the Rounder as it's called goes where I got this lovely little medal award from? Gisela Retch.
    Who was he, just the youngest soldier in WWII that was awarded the Knight's Cross by Adolf Hitler himself in person! at the age of 17 years old, he fought in the Russian front, highly distinguished soldier with 7 tank kills.. he was a friend of the family and my father and his son flew together. He used to live in South Africa close to us and we would visit him and he would tell us about the War.
    Never mind that no Knight's Cross holder named "Retch" (not a German name) or "Retsch" is even on record, "Gisela" is a female first name.

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    Quote by Leopardesigns View Post
    Here is the WWII German Paratrooper Badge in Gold that comes from North Africa as requested,

    But I am in a time of need and of anyone is interested in this Badge I will sell for $950 including shipping and I have a Paratrooper liner, Iron Cross 1st Class also from North Africa from a veteran who also fought with the 7th/8th Armored Division The Desert Rats and a mint Knight's Cross standard Oak Leaves Ribbon I am looking to sell or trade for now..
    Sorry, there is no such thing as a Fallschirmschützenabzeichen der Luftwaffe in gold. And currently, Friedrich Keller is not a known maker of Luftwaffe awards although they did make a few other awards and tinnies.
    We do not allow the buying and selling of items on our regular discussion forum. We have a classifieds section for that.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Default Waffen-SS Gisela Retsch

    Haha I know my spelling is off track.. I tell you what I will get the photographs of Gisela Retsch and his awards, all of what he left for our museum and I will put it on here. I don't know much about records, but we all know records have holes in it.. if we had all the records, we would've known everything about the Second World War but instead tons of paperwork, files and work was completely destroyed either on purpose or... just never survived the War.

    This man is very real! And he was as a German Soldier for the Waffen-SS ranked as the youngest soldier in WWII to receive the Knight's Cross that was awarded to him by the A. Hitler. As soon as my parents get back from Malta, they open up the museum and I'll post his pictures and history on WarRelics for everyone to read up on. Believe me, I would;t go spin a story like this, what is there to gain! Nothing.. so why would I even bother in the first place if it wasn;t the truth.

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    To me you sound like a big feeling Blow Hard , who thinks their Sh*T don't stink .
    And having been here a while , I've seen your type come and Go .
    Don't let the door hit you on the ass , on your way out .

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    Mr Leopard is boring me to death
    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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