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150 $ helmet i just bought 10 mins ago

Article about: I got off work and went to my antique shop to look really quick and flirt with the owner, anyways, I started to flirt with this. She just got it in the store along with a german practice gre

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    Thanks I thought so too!

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    Circuit advertisement 150 $ helmet i just bought 10 mins ago
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    Looking forward to our devoted Stahlhelm-Afficionados adding their learned expertise to this example...
    I speculate that if such an overpaint is determined to be authentic, it would enhance your $150 investment significantly, lol...
    cheers, Glenn

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    I don't follow, we all know the decals are fake ( of course) but you mean the paint that's covering the other fake decal?

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    It's an original no-decal Quist M40 that was dicked with at some point, probably postwar. Not a bad deal but the paint really kills the collector value.

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    ...Just looking forward to other views, I've still got much to learn as far as decals and paint are concerned...Still a great deal...

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    the stupid decals, or the whole paint job on the helmet?.. I would like to remove those decals, any ideas?

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    I have seen these "forward placed decals" before. .. I just can't remember where?

    Remember the antique dealer probably paid the seller $50 for it, so selling it to you for triple was the first bargain!
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    I'd be curious enough to carefully shave the paint from the hidden decal for a better look, lol...
    Either way, a good deal at today's prices...chinstraps and liners are going for $100 each out there, and besides the imperfection this is a nice display helmet for the won't have any trouble recouping your $150 investment when/if you decide to resell...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Yeah I want to check out the decals if someone has a idea how to remove it. She made 50 bucks off it. She bought it for 100. She knew I would want it lol

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    Very good deal IMO, as said, liners and chin straps are going for over $100 each. As for the Luftwaffe decals, you could try steaming them off, and then I would leave the helmet as is.

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