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1940 Heer Helmet addtion

Article about: Hello, I am a new member to the forum. But I am trying to share different pieces in my collection. Here is my single decal 1940 German Heer helmet. I understand the liner string has been rep

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    I just checked and the original pics from the website are down.

    The helmet was purchased from Bill and Elycia Shea of The Ruptured Duck

    Maybe the sellers would be able to provide the appropriate angles and dimensions, but these are probably the best I can do.

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    Circuit advertisement 1940 Heer Helmet addtion
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    Shea had a pretty good rep, but not without mistakes. Based on the photos you have provided I'm not 100% comfortable with the decal. Someone may come along that can clear it up. I'm not a dedicated student of Heer decals. Initially I just don't like the graphics of the black lines within the eagle. If you look through the helmet section here you will see the kinds and quality of photos we like to see posted with every helmet posted. That will help you see how your photos are severally lacking in the decal area. I hope I'm wrong about the decal!

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    Hi MD,

    Can you show me in a jpeg where you are questioning the 'black lines within the eagle'?

    Maybe I can have Bill or Elycia send better pics...there's were very good quality.

    Thanks for your input,

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    here are a couple more pics. Although, if the earlier pics did not suffice, then I'm beginning to doubt these will.

    But thanks anyway!


    1940 Heer Helmet addtion
    1940 Heer Helmet addtion
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1940 Heer Helmet addtion   1940 Heer Helmet addtion  

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    Here is a link to some clearer pictures:
    M40 Heer Q62 for review

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    Hello Como
    I think camera phone tech isn't quite there yet now's a great time to treat yourself to a nice camera if your serious about the hobby,,, and a tripod its Christmas shopping time most stores have discounts.

    1940 Heer Helmet addtion

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    Hi, as Bill Shea has given Max Show talks / seminars ( also on utube ) on Helmets and I believe written a book on the subject, I would find this difficult to understand Bill would sell a faked item.

    As stated by HD, hopefully somebody will clear it up.

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    I see it got the thumbs up on the other thread that NineLives posted. I will digress as to authenticity of the decal. I wasn't comfortable with it in these photos but I see it got the "ok" on the other thread.

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    The straight on close-up of the decal makes all the difference. I see no problem with this big foot decal but I agree that from the angle shots first posted it was suspect. Good pictures tell the true story.


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    good then good now.

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