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2 grandpas shed helmets

Article about: Guys you might know on ebay there are 2 helmets for sale described as from (grand pas shed).The clear implication is these are bring back ww2 helmets.The para helmet i think is a fake.If you

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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    This comment - on said listing, just had me in stitches laughing!

    Q: I see you posted the question about how much german paratrooper helmets are worth - Genuine ones are worth loads - your one, from grampas shed (Lol) is a modern reproduction and not worth much at all. My money says you will not put this up for people to get a balanced view. If you don't, I will out bid everyone else - and not pay.

    A: wow,i seem to be getting all sorts of mail on this, some of which i am finding quite upsetting as all i am trying to do is clear my grandads effects.

    Absolute quality!

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    Circuit advertisement 2 grandpas shed helmets
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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    Hi Las Vegas, good items can be found on e bay: agreed you just need to know exactly what you are looking at.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    You gotta laugh at this one. Always buy the item not the story. These 2 are so bad it makes me want to

    however, ask Dave about E Bay!

    He is the E Bay king

    check this one out

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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    I found this old german hat in my mums greenhouse,her dad was a fireman during the war and may have got this from a german bomber he shot down with his stirrup pump.
    ive seen pictures of these on ebay and they are worth 1000s.
    if anyone would like to buy it from me now i will let it go for 500
    it is in such good and rare condition you can still faintly smell the paint,it also smells slightly of shoe polish (the soldier must have looked after this really well by polishing the leather liner),It also has the extreemly rare zig zag stitching across the liner ,
    500 anyone
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2 grandpas shed helmets  

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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    A fool and there money are easily parted

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    bloody hell they got 460 for the helmets

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    Spotter are you serious,is that what they really went for.if so i feel sorry for the obviously inexsperienced collector.its vital that there should be a publication on spotting fakes of german helmets that is widely available.

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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    I think we should keep an eye on this guys feedback.... whats the bets that next week he's got a negative!


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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    The problem with ebay is most of the lids are altered in some way. They are usually always over priced because people have no idea how to value them. If something is genuine a simple man does not stand a chance at bidding because the site is checked hourly by dealers and others who can play hard ball and shell out the cash. I still however buy decent relic lids on there from time to time.

    I do always get a laugh when people post pics of the decals on there because I know it will be taken down in minutes by the ebay police. So pathetic they are.

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    Default Re: 2 grandpas shed helmets

    John am i really seeing things.Are you categorically saying that the white camo helmet is a repro, and some poor sod paid nearly 400s for it?.if so shame on the one defrauding the collector.a person living life like that is on a downward spiral ,and they are too thick ,and arogant to see it(karma)

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