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2 helmet picked up at auction in Jersey

Article about: A couple of days ago a good friend of mine gave me a call to say that he'd seen 2 German helmets that were coming up for auction. Normally here in Jersey Channel Islands when something Germa

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    Default 2 helmet picked up at auction in Jersey

    A couple of days ago a good friend of mine gave me a call to say that he'd seen 2 German helmets that were coming up for auction. Normally here in Jersey Channel Islands when something German turns up in auction like a helmet its a repainted mess, or a dealer trying pass off a helmet as a fresh find. So I went to have a look out of curiosity. I was totally surprised to see 2 single decal helmets in as found, unmessed with condition. They and a few other items had been found in an attic of a house altogether in a sack of some sort. Unfortunately a family of mice had made themselves at home and had eaten some of the liner in one of the helmets. But they are what they are, its nice to see fresh items rather than ones that everyone has owned and passed on. These are undoubtedly helmets collected after the German Occupation of the Island and tucked away. I like items with a local connection.
    Anyway, I bid on the helmets and won them. Only to be told by someone who had been bidding against me that I had paid too much. Well thats debatable, I was more than happy with the price I paid, and happier with the helmets because they were "fresh". I have a collection of helmets some really nice and like the day they were made but helmets like this have more to say I feel. If only they could be made to talk. I am sure someone will pick up on the non standard strap on the helmet to the right.... as you can see thats how it came.
    I will post the helmet seperately late on when I have taken some decent pics of them, but just wanted to show that barn/attic finds do still happen. But for how much longer on an Island 9 miles by 5 I don't know.
    I have decided that these helmets will stay as it, uncleaned as found. Others may think cleaning them is the way to go and that is why we are all different here in the collecting world.
    All the best from Jersey,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2 helmet picked up at auction in Jersey   2 helmet picked up at auction in Jersey  

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    Nice find. I like to leave them untouched as well.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Great find.

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    seems a lot coming out of the woodwork.

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    Hello, first off let me say nice find, smart to go check out items in person. Then let me comment on the person bidding against you, of course he is going to say something to make you feel bad, he didnt get them. If you are happy that is all that counts. Looking at how the price of an item varies, and what makes it more valuable from one person to the next, could be as simple as condition, a certain makers mark, a gap in a collection, etc. Theres a saying that goes, " At auction everything sells for exactly what its worth". We all like to get a good deal, but the perception of a good deal differs as much as people do. Good buy, good find, and good luck finding more!!!! oh also I am one that likes to keep almost everything in as found condition. A little "salty", after all, It or they came from a war.

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    Hi KEVIN23,
    Your quite right in what you say. The value to me is more than the monetary amount, and that I know the other chap could not comprehend. Everything for him comes back to the money he could make. One thing for certain is that if he had them for sale they would have cost a lot more than I paid.
    All the best,

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    Nice find - I'm sure they'll be proudly displayed.........


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    Very nice find friend.

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    Awesome find. Beautiful decals there. Green with envy.

    All the best!

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