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2 Q64 helmets....different eras.

Article about: Here is my Q64 SD luft, side by side with a Q64 BGS helmet. Unless you know, you could turn the BGS into a "wartime" one. Major difference with the BGS. There is no batch No on the

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    Default Re: 2 Q64 helmets....different eras.

    Nice one.....but what do you blokes think of the wartime and post war Q40

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    Default Re: 2 Q64 helmets....different eras.

    Well your right about the wartime quality verses post war, its always seemed strange to me that they would cease to make these without vent holes, i can understand the liner modification although i dont like it, theres just no character in the whole thing, but the immediate post war does look like it should and more closely follows the wartime production

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    Default Re: 2 Q64 helmets....different eras.

    Yeh, I got one more version of the BGS to find which has vent holes but no liner pin holes, as the liner was hung from the dome. I was just fascinated to have a Q 64 M 40, and then have a Q 64 post war, it's s nice match.

    But Aldo you can see how someone could use the cheaper postwar helmet to device the experienced. Si I pose th reason I showed this was to see there are pt war hl eta, made by the same manufacturers with small differences. You Gould almost imagine someone buying these cheap and in surplus and knocking up helmets intending o deieve

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    Default Re: 2 Q64 helmets....different eras.

    Nice group! I just picked up a Q62 luftwaffe which is also my avatar. i like to see the variations you have of the Quist. I must say, the nazi's just made everything better.Thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: 2 Q64 helmets....different eras.

    I could see the helmets being mocked up to represent wartime issue , but im not sure as to deceiving the experienced among us, there would need to be some very very talented fakers out there to pull it off and get one over on some of the guys, the less experienced would be the market for these and i daresay have been for quite a while

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    Default Re: 2 Q64 helmets....different eras.

    Exactly, thats why I thought I would show how close these post war ones can be

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