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3 colour camo helmet

Article about: by WOODSNAKE Hi Dave are you familiar with the book i mentioned in my thread Normandy 44 by Dan Tylisz? there is over 200 colour photos all Camo all from France some of the schemes are outra

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Woodsnake, I'm afraid Frank is right. I was going to buy a copy and flipped right to the SS section. Fake after fake after fake. There's a lot of fake garbage in that book sad to say. In this day and age a book is easy to publish. Just because it's in a book doesn't make it real. Sort of like the Internet....

    Anyway we have a thread on helmet books where the discussion on the book can be talked about, let's keep it to this helmet which needs far better photos and closeups to make any real worthwhile comment. This could easily be a fake.

    I will post up 2 camo helmets recently discussed on GHW that are fakes. Then you can see what collectors are up against with camo's and why a collectors need to know what to look for to identify a real from fake. Also go to GHW and search any thread by Ruffin.
    Why Thankyou very much Doug, now thats a comment i like to read, i can see myself in the book ,and as i stated "some are Outrageous ETC.." and i don't consider myself to be a complete idiot, but to a Novice like myself i like to think that nothing is impossible, and i certainly don't know what they were allowed to paint on their helmets or not, I guess i got a little exited because it's the only book that i have come across that depicted helmets in colour (that was within my budget) I can see myself that some just don't look right,but i'm still learning as i go, with the help of people like yourself.

    I joined up on GHW but i always have trouble logging on for some reason but i'll try again.

    Cheers Doug Regards Phill.

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    Some nice camo's in Ken N's book to study, I would recommend that book highly. As for helmet paint really anything goes that would help disrupt the shape of the helmet and / or blend into the natural surroundings. This geometric 3 color I've seen some credible examples posted. Really with camo or any painted helmet your looking for patina, natural age and wear to the paint hence why closeups are so important.

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