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9-43 RBN Real?

Article about: Dear DerKerl, Thank you for the info. Very interessting. I have to admit I thought it's a copy at the first glance, because of this excellent state of the helmet. Thanks for the thread: Now

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    Default 9-43 RBN Real?

    Could this one be real? Doug
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 9-43 RBN Real?   9-43 RBN Real?  

    9-43 RBN Real?   9-43 RBN Real?  

    9-43 RBN Real?   9-43 RBN Real?  

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    Circuit advertisement 9-43 RBN Real?
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    Yes indeed it is, and in unissued condition. It is an excellent helmet! Jim G.

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    WOW! A stunner. Does it come with the dinner coupon?

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    Any idea what the markings are and/or mean? Can't quite figure them out or read them. Any idea where I might be able to get a chin strap? Even a blind pig gets a truffle once in a while. Got a clue on value as it is? Doug

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    Beautiful unissued M42. Keep it safe so some numbskull doesn't slap some fake SS decal on it as what happens to so many nice no decal M42's.

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    I need one just like this. Very good lid.

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    Yeah. Know exactly what you mean. Had one of those half weight, made in the early 30's M18s in blue with a really nice Luftschutz decal on the front. This jerk wanted it to respray it black and stick "original" SS decals on it. I took and sold it to a really big Luftschutz collector. Yeah, I got a little less for it but I am all about collector and collection integrity plus advancing the knowledge base for all of us. Just might keep this one as it fits my fat head and my boy's. I kept the DDSS helmet too. Got near nothing in them and the outfit that pays me prints all the money they need. Checked out the chinstrap on the Collectors Guild. I trust that guy. Doug

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    Hi , a nice un-messed with M42 , good find. Leon.
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    A stunner!.....
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    Nice find Doug!

    Can you give me the whole RB number? I might be able to help.

    Cheers, Ade.
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