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Advice for a new collector...

Article about: Some guys say steer clear of relics,but as this is the cheapest way into collecting and learning i say get a few relics.i have been collecting years and will only buy relics as to me they ar

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    Hello. I'm new to collecting and I would ideally like to start to build up a collection of Wehrmacht helmets. I have been studying the info on and for a while but I'm interested if anyone could give me a few pointers on a good way to start collecting on a limited budget. I'm drawn to relics as a way to get something that's definitely an original at a relatively cheap price, but has anyone got any good suggestions?

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    save up and get a nice s/d lufty or heer, in the end it will be worth it rgds Dave

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    Dave has sound advice for you. Remember.. You can never ask too many questions on a piece your willing to spend your hard earned money on. That what we are all here for.. To learn and spot the fakes!



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    Isle of Wighter,

    First of all welcome.

    My point of view is get a good book that describes the natural characteristics of an oringinal helmet and study it well! I'm sure there are those who can guide you to a good book as there are many on the market. DO not make the mistakes as i and others on purchasing one that can fool you.

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    Don't invest in relics , save up and buy a helmet that has it all and make sure to ask advice on a forum before you buy.

    Luftwaffe helmets are the cheapest to start with.

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    Welcome ! It is up to you to decide what you want to collect but in the end you won't save much collecting relics and there are alot of fakes too. That said, I do like relics and have some here.
    If you like german helmets, I agree with the above comments: save some money and buy a nice M42 or M40 S/D. Don't be hurry, take your time, study,handle them. Don't go for a cheap one with "minor" defects because in then end after few months you will regret it. Happy collecting!


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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I will be saving hard for the next couple of months and hopefully will be able to find something nice at the end of it!

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    I fully support the advise these gentlemen give you; go for quality and not quantity. And might I just add that your first investment should be books, in addition to educate you it will also make collecting more fun, there more you know, the more you enjoy your collection because you know the story behind it.

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    Default Re: Advice for a new collector...

    Dont be afraid to ask questions on the forum!

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    Theres a book that was made in 2007 thats called " WWII Collectibles" Its will price the most commonww2 things that you may come accross, IF you ever have time to go to a book store you should go check it out. it helped me a bunch, George

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