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Ahh Heres the postman with My helmet....

Article about: I thought I would share this with You.I welcome any comments.Do I try and find a chin strap maybe?

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    Default Ahh Heres the postman with My helmet....

    I thought I would share this with You.I welcome any comments.Do I try and find a chin strap maybe?Attachment 862127Attachment 862128Attachment 862129

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    A chinstrap wouldn't hurt but you know this is a Norwegian liner don't you?

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    Nice Quist made helmet in a large size. The liner denotes, as Glenn said, post war Norwegian usage. The shell was made between 1940 - 1943 as the serial number position was moved to the back of the helmet skirt in 1943.

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    liner is to new for the helmet. inside the dome of the helmet has a bit of rust. but the liner tongues are not damaged in any way. the Q 66 lot number. is that a the rear of the helmet?

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    Q66 denotes Quist, size 66cm, not the lot number. The lot number is the one underneath and both would be on the side of the skirt. After 1943 the Q** stayed there and the lot number was moved to the back. Still a nice helmet even with the replaced liner which shows some wear and tear too. Not a true WWII helmet setup but still something I'd be happy with.

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    Thanks Guys. Yes Norwegian liner and number at back of skirt.Got it for a good price too!! And it fits Me perfectly lol

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    You can always put a camo cover on it to hide that hole...

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    Thanks Guys. I had a look at the liner rivets and was expecting to find brass but they are in fact aluminium.What would this indicate? I thought Norwegians used brass pins on their helmet liners

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    If you wanted to, you could locate the original non-dyed leather for that helmet. I believe there is one for sell for a very good price that may fit your helmet, which I will post a link for.

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