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Another camo!

Article about: Hello Chaps, Heres another helmet I picked up years ago from a bloke I used to know who did house clearances. Apparently from an old boy who had passed away. Who knows? Its an M35 EF64 with

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    Hello John,

    Thanks for the reply, and the reason you think it is not period. Do you think the colour is about right though?

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    I agree with what has been said so far. But just to play the devil's advocate, is it possible the unusual shade of the eagle is the result of it being covered by the camo and then liberated?

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    Hi Sir Payne,

    Thats an interesting thought. I had always imagined the decal had been masked over when painted because there is a slight ridge around it. I suppose it is possible to be the other way round though. As for the colour again I just thought it was one of those decals that goes "goldy" with age, like the ones that are often confused with Kreigsmarine decals?

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    The decal was indeed masked to apply this camo paint but for reasons of display rather than as field camo as the war was over when this was done.
    Probably done by a collector in the seventies , my dad did the same thing back then with a worn KM helmet. Masked the decal and painted it battleship grey.

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    Hello Schwerpunkt,
    Thanks for your reply. It seems the seventies has alot to answer for- including me!

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    Here is the helmet with all the post war stuff off. Came off reasonably easy. Its had a 1940 overpaint and you can see all the tiny bits that make the rough texture in the paint.
    Can sort of see now why someone wasnt over fussed about slapping Humbrols finest all over it. Only unusual thing about it now is the half moon of white on the crown.Another camo!Another camo!Another camo!
    Not quite so glamorous now! But at least its honest.

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    Looking better already! Leon.
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    Very impressive

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    Much better than before.


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    Good job sometimes you can work them carefully and find the original paint such as this one nothing wrong with that. timothy

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