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another fake HJ helmet ?

Article about: Recently got this HJ helmet . Its got ET 60 stamp on the metal and 53 inner. Galvanised inner retainer and the HJ decal only on the left side. Rust is coming trough on the lower rear. Could

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    Quote by Andrew View Post
    NO NO NO Doug my rant had nothing to do with you. i'm sorry if i came across wrong. it was a general thing. not for you. i had hoped i was clearer. i'm just in a mood lol. pay no mind to my ranting. you are giving decent answers. i hope you and others understand what i mean by friendly collecting, and being able to just communicate in a reasonable way, with out the just "its fake" . like you mention with decals. if so few of any one type exist. it is very difficult to find good clear examples to get the details needed to determin if it is fake or not. and with me and heer and luft decals. because there are a number of vareations, and not being a collector of them. if one comes along that is a well aged fake, i have trouble with them, i'm not to proud to say it either. i have collected ww2 german items for over 30 years, and i know enough to say, i still dont know squat. there are many things i just dont know. but a few i do. and i'm just looking to learn and share information with other collectors in a nice way. it is strange here at times. a guy posted a 1918 trench knife for opinions. two people said it was fake. with out any good cause. one reason was even rediculas. it was said that, the same company made table knives so this couldnt be made by them or it would be better quality. REALLY ? it's a knuckle duster not a damn kitchen table knife lol. i own one, so i had to help the guy out by posting mine. to show they match. but no one comes back and tells the guy yup you have a good one , like the one pictured. or any thing of the kind. people are very very quick to shoot things down with out good cause . but dont seem to bring them selfs to man up and admit when they are wrong. and we all are at times. so instead they leave a member thinking hes got junk when he has a good item. it has happend time and again. lol doug i'm a reasonable sort, right up untill others are not. but please dont take it as directed at you. i wont even get into how not perfect or consistant german quality control really was. they could not even be consistant with the RZM mark it self. lol i'll put the key board down now and go back to enjoying my Killians. if you were here Doug, i'd share them with you.

    really need spell check lol
    Don't worry Andrew. We know your a good guy.
    I like Miller Highlife myself.

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    Circuit advertisement another fake HJ helmet ?
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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    I boldly made the statement that HJ helmets did not have decals on a thread over at German daggers and was very quickly proven wrong by a nice fellow from Sweden.
    Here are the pictures I borrowed from that thread.
    Hope they are of interest.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture another fake HJ helmet ?   another fake HJ helmet ?  

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    Steve - Check post #16......... !


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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    I told you I like miller high life.

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    Paint and HJ decal are bad and I'm skeptic regarding the liner too. I had the same HJ decal on a restored Luftwaffe HJ M42 helmet. (note the slight golden tone).

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    There is a HJ helmet for sale on Rask Antik's website ( )
    I know Henrik doesn't sell rubbish so there's another with the 'diamond' decal to add some confusion to the mix.
    The photos of it look a whole heap more believable than this one too!

    You never stop learning ......... ????
    Cheers, Dan

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    You have a link to he helmet on the website?

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    Quote by Aus der Traum View Post
    A great photo, Andrew and one that I have not seen before.

    I have heard about this type of HJ decal with the border and such.. I'm fairly certain I saw someone mention in another HJ helmet thread that Helmet2id (Jim) had one with a decal like this.. I could be wrong!

    Where did you find that image Andrew?

    Mine has hand painted insignia, not a decal. Al Barrows has one with similar painted HJ insignia, and John Brandon posted pictures from a photo album that had a HJ member wearing an M16 Helmet that had hand painted HJ insignia similar to the shield on my piece in this forum about a year and a half ago. The only real HJ decals of which I am aware are of the type in the pictures of the HJ fire brigade locker room posted above, one of which is in the Baer book. I do not believe the isolated HJ diamond decals are period, but there are real HJ helmets with period applied insignia. They are just few and far between. Jim G.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture another fake HJ helmet ?   another fake HJ helmet ?  

    another fake HJ helmet ?   another fake HJ helmet ?  

    another fake HJ helmet ?   another fake HJ helmet ?  

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    That's an awesome helmet Jim. I'd love to see that in hand one day just to say I held it!

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    Default Re: another fake HJ helmet ?

    I can't post the link for some reason - BUT, if you go to Rask Antik WWII German Militara then go to the headgear tab, then steel helmets, it is item #81
    I won't post his photos without permission but it looks legit to me! ( and at 800 euros I guess the price is up where it belongs )


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