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Another M.35 Back From the Brink...

Article about: Annoyed from this ads?   Name: DSC02866.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 98.1 KB  ID: 769600 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> I'm sure many if not most readers here will eithe

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    Default Another M.35 Back From the Brink...

    Another M.35 Back From the Brink...

    I'm sure many if not most forum readers will either ignore or even actively dislike the things I've done here, but all the above are my collection of REPAINTS and otherwise repaired/restored helmets. From front-to-rear they are M.35, M. 40, and two M.42's. ( I also own three, a M.1916; M.42; and a postwar M.40 Bundeswehr by Quist that all have original paint. ) The question is whether to leave damaged helmets totally alone, or restore them to something like their original appearance; I also originally did it in part to learn about their construction. I have done none of this with any intention to create fakes, and am confident they would fool no discriminating collector.

    Another M.35 Back From the Brink...

    My most recent is this tiny NS60 which I got at a flea market earlier this year for under $20! Like all the others, it was mainly a shell painted black. The most annoying and hardest feature to deal with were the strips of foamcore that had been glued inside overall, including the skirt, no doubt to provide a replacement liner. The stuff had hardened into a solid mass that required long hours chipping and scraping away. Though I could tell there WAS some of the original paint remaining, it was unfortunately too thin and badly worn to seriously think about retaining.

    Another M.35 Back From the Brink...

    Once all the black paint and foam was removed, the shell was in surprisingly sound condition, with both makers mark, size, and batch number weak but very evident. Before finding these I thought this was "good" but that confirmed it. I decided to recreate this one as an elusive SS DD, partly because I already had the decals for it left over from another project. The paint is spray-on Apfelgrun from 1944 Militaria; since it's a M.35 no texturing was used, unlike my others above.

    Another M.35 Back From the Brink...

    In a serendipitous moment I found a complete liner assembly on Ebay which incorporated an original 1938-dated aluminum outer liner. It's held in place by correct repro brass rivets and washers.

    Another M.35 Back From the Brink...

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    Nothing wrong with restoring shells that have no collector value in their current state. As long as the restored shells don't end up being sold as "mint originals."

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    a nice job.

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