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Awesome M35 ET64 Luft Camo

Article about: It has finally arrived. My new beauty. M35 ET64 German Luftwaffe Camo, Lot # 3378, with BA acceptance stamps on dome (still trying to read it) Named to Uffz Müller (Unteroffizier/Corporal).

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    Quote by Bourne View Post
    Doug I don't think I asked you to be my helmet crutch.
    I think the problem is you already are to too many other collectors I also never thought of you as a COA I already bought the helmet and was happy with it I only asked your opinion that's all that's why I was surprised to hear you question it now.
    Sorry it's worked out this way today Doug no need to give up posting on my account.

    Hello Paul ,

    Is this one also one of yours on consignement from Ken ?

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    Quote by Martin C View Post
    Hello Friends,

    In regards to the bubbles in the paint. Could it be possible that these were caused by droplets of water being on the helmet when the
    camo was applied?

    Or indeed grease spots on the base layer of paint!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Hi Paul, welcome to the forum (even if it is a fiery one)! Thanks for your deeper insight and study of this helmet. Personally as I have already said, I like it, but as Doug quite rightly points out, an opinion is just one persons view. I must admit that from Michaels new images, some of the wear does look more like "popped" bubbles than "strikes". Water, oil or just a build up of excess paint around the air nozzle could have caused them. As Doug mentioned, cammo's are a real debating point on almost every occasion, so for me it's a fine example, but maybe not for someone else. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Hi Leon
    The bubbles are strange I admit but they are not wear it is damage to the paint under the camo paint some of them still have camo paint in them where it has not fallen out they are possibly also burns of some kind but either way they were there when it was sprayed.i even think you can see where its been taken off a head many times by a thumb and forefinger on the right side of the visor, very worn on the inside less so on the outside but it had a lot of use before it was camo'd so I think that would be normal. For me it has fine and interesting patina and wear in many areas that don't show in photos.
    Most of all for me and my study of this helmet it makes sense and all adds up to what I think a camo Luftwaffe flak unit helmet should look like I mean it was in use since 1938 then was camo painted possibly 4 years later for not a long time.
    Thanks for the welcome I also wish it was under different circumstances.

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    I have watched this thread. Debates, opinions, levels of experience, comradery, friendship & diverse knowledge are all shared here on WRF. The best forum with the best members on the planet. I had stayed away from Forums for years because of poor behavior & lack of regard for people being shown. Be proud there are stretches where we don't all agree. Without discernment, stretching & questions by seasoned vets on this forum we don't protect the integrity of the hobby. We will never always agree 100% and nobody is exempt from being wrong. I am proud to have watched this stay above board. At the end of the day it is just stuff and relationships, integrity, trust and respect with each other is all we have along with the stuff.

    Be well! Rossi

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    Nice piece

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    Beautiful looking helmet buddy!

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