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Battle damaged helmets offered to me for sale! I need help picking one!!!

Article about: ok, from my last post! I posted pictures of the m42 helmet that this guy is offering me for 350 dollars. now he is offering two more bat

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    Default Battle damaged helmets offered to me for sale! I need help picking one!!!

    ok, from my last post! I posted pictures of the m42 helmet that this guy is offering me for 350 dollars.

    Need help on this M42 helmet

    now he is offering two more battle damaged ones for sale. The first one is the one with two bullet holes through the front and that's for 500 bucks. Its unique and I don't have anymore photos of it and I don't think it has a decal on it, im not sure it might

    The other damaged one ( I don't know where its damaged) he is offering for 250 bucks. Its named and everything. Looks good. I don't know if it has the decal.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO!.. I want of them, what one is a good deal, or the most popular tasteful one. I know it depends on peoples taste but I like the double bullet whole one. I told him I would give him a answer tomorrow! I told him just to take some quick photos because I was anxious

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    Hi, due to the lack of liner rot and blood damage, I would suggest that this one was not on the wearers head when it was shot at. Leon.
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    I can see some blood damage but not compared to one night already have. Specially for being a double tap of you know what I mean

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    Why don't you make him an offer for all three and then when you have them in hand choose the best one and re-sell the others.
    I agree with Leon regarding the bullet holes, it is always difficult to work out if they are battle or post battle and unless you have the staining scientifically analysed it could be absolutely anything that has come in contact with the leather over 70 plus years..

    Rgd's, Mark.

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    He doesn't really want to sell the double bullet whole until I asked him to send me a quick photo. He does have some top notch stuff that I cannot afford. He has a lot of helmets but I don't think he would go down on any, even as group. He described the helmet with the two holes with erosion in the dome but hard to.see in photos. I would buy them all but it's to much for the wallet. I would almost get the other helmet and the one I posted the link too..not sure..ugh

    - - ------- - -

    Thanks for your advise. I agree with you on your statement

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    Both look like field repaints and probably no decal ( or he would have shown it to generate more interest )

    A double tap like that would have exploded his melon so I think it may have been a target practice bring back.
    "Hey look what I done pop, nailed me a kraut"...... that sort of thing.

    Cheers, Dan
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    There seems to be much speculation about so-called 'blood rot', with little in the way of actual scientific proof. I own a Jager zu Pferde helmet which has been hit by both shrapnel ball and thin shards of steel, several of which have passed through the liner - but there is no 'blood rot' to the liner. Can anyone on the forum point me in the direction of any laboratory work that has been carried out on this subject? Surely there must have been some kind of scientific study in to the effects of blood on leather. Or is it just nothing more than collectors grisly fascination with battle-damaged objects?

    That aside, the helmet looks quite interesting.
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    I would agree with the others the helmet damage is from target practice or collateral damage. So many helmets what is a man to do? Mr. P it is up to you.

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    I agree, there probally wouldn't be a liner in it because of the blood rot.

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    I know, choices...there are plenty more too

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