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Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

Article about: Years ago, I met a U S Army vet who drove a truck from Normandy to the front lines. He would bring loads of helmets back in his empty truck to sell to the guys in the rear. Price was \\$10 for

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    Default Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    I'm about to buy this helmet, just want to hear you opinions about it. Don't got any info about marks,stamps etc, the seller is going to check it out tomorrow.

    I'm pretty sure its a heer decal, not km. Any opinions about that?

    looks like he didn't survive the war....

    By the way, what do you guys think about helmets with a battledamage like this? Too gruesome for your collection or you don't mind?

    Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    although it is obvious that the helmet was shot i doubt someone was in it at the time since there is a lack of evidence of bloodrot, and yes the decal is most definitely heer, but im not experienced enough to comment on its authenticity. For me, regardless of the fact that the helmet has been i would pounce on the opurtunity to buy a helmet this nice. The helmet looks alright right to me but wait for some more expiernced members to comment on it!
    all the best,

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    Well it looks like a bullet strike , but im not so sure the guys head was in it at the time, i dont see any blood staining to the leather or surrounding areas, as for the decal a close up straight on photo would help

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    Thanks for your comments! I'll try to get more pictures from him...
    Isn't this blood stains (picture)?

    Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    Dont think so, it looks like normal grease/dirt/sweat marks, blood would leave a very dark stain and harden the leather or possibly rot the thing

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    Yeah, maybe you're right. Need to ask the seller about this.

    Here's a picture of real blood stain, from my m42.

    You can almost smell it....

    Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    A head shot like that would sure leave a big mess inside the helmet, and would leave a lot of staines, even bone fragments and hair stuck to th eliner and inside of the helmet. I had a M42 lid with a bullet hole in the back. The bullit had exited through the face. It was a hell of a job to clean it, even after being in the ground for 60 years.

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    Thats true, but maybe he didnt bleed that much .

    Anyway, If i get it for a fair price i'll buy it. Not a bad deal anyway?

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    I like bullet-struck items. I have noticed that in collecting American Civil War items that bullet-struck will double or triple the value. In World War II, I do not see that same desire to pay more if it is bullet or shrapnel struck. I recently sold a German combat police helmet with two bullet holes, very similar in overall condition to the one you pictured, and it was not an easy sell. People like their helmets pristine.

    The problem with bullet holes is not being sure when the hole was put in the helmet. Was it done by a kid target shooting in 1950, or 1970? Absence of blood means there was no head in the helmet when the bullet hit making me think it was possibly shot for entertainment. Who knows? It is still a very nice piece.

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    Default Re: Battle damaged M-40 (Headshot)

    Dont get me wrong, I like the lid a lot, and would buy it for the right price, but just not sure it is a head shot helmet. But its a nice piece al together.

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