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Brown M42

Article about: Hi Guys What do you think about this colour ? Is it genuine or post war?

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    Default Brown M42

    Hi Guys

    What do you think about this colour ? Is it genuine or post war?
    Brown M42Brown M42Brown M42Brown M42Brown M42Brown M42

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    Default Re: Brown M42

    Looks bronze to me! .... postwar paint and put together IMO
    ( remember "post war" still means 40 years or more so a finish can really start to look worn )

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    Default Re: Brown M42

    Yes the liner looks like it has been replaced doesnīt it? I am just a beginner in the World of helmets (and militaria), but I donīt recall ever having seen that kind of colour on a M42. Would it happen that the germans at the end of the war just used existing paints to camouflage their helmets or is there no evidence on that?

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    I am not saying this helmet is original in colour but helmets have turned up over here in Jersey Channel Islands that have been chocolate brown, and one was black with a yellow stripe front to back which were 100% original period done helmets. I have no idea why, perhaps for some special unit/task but they were totally genuine. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show you as at the time I saw them not everyone had a camera in thier pocket.

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    I agree with Jersey on the color, camo can be anything however this one is clearly painted over rust pitting ergo, postwar painted.

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    Default Re: Brown M42

    Hi,this is a heavily pitted re-paint,in my opinion there is nothing to suggest that the brown is period applied. Leon.
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    Default Re: Brown M42

    Unless it came from the factory extensively rust pitted before it was painted, of Course this paint was applied post war...

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    Default Re: Brown M42

    Brown camo helmet are very often found.
    But this a put together helmet
    No good.

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    Default Re: Brown M42

    might be just the images or my eyes but i can still see paint under the brown.

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