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camo + chicken wire : 13000 $....

Article about: hello have you see that camo / chicken wire sold for 13000 \\$ on Ebay ? your thoughts on this one , looks overrated even if it's a banging helmet !!!

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    Default Re: camo + chicken wire : 13000 $....

    You could buy a SD M40 SS and a nice FJ helmet at Dave Shirlin and still have 1-2000$ left to spend......

    Regards, Lars

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    Circuit advertisement camo + chicken wire : 13000 $....
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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Another example of someone with too much money and too little sense. It could also be a shill bidding scam so don't read too much into the final price unless the new owner actually admits he spent that much.

    I often wonder how this stuff is worth that much money? Sure it's desireable and a nice piece to have in the collection but seriously? Even at six or eight grand it would be hard to justify? It is just a helmet with a bit of paint and old chicken wire over it. Why do these two items put together command such an extortionate price?
    Must admit i'm with you Adrian i've never understood why folks get their knickers in a twist and pay ridiculous amounts of money just because a lid has a bit of rusty wire stuck on it !! Paying 13000 for anything on Flea Bay is just lunacy.
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    Default Re: camo + chicken wire : 13000 $....

    All true, but the same argument could be made for any of these items we all covet and lust over, just fill in the blank. I for one don't get the whole SS thing, not so rare as prices suggest or interesting IMO. I'd rather have Decent set of Samurai armour, British gallantry medals or something Roman. Mind you, some of the 1% collect this stuff and in the grand scheme of things sums that paralyze regular folk are interest rate rounding errors on bank accounts for others. Is it foolish if you don't really need or will miss the money??

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