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Camo Heer M40 - opinions

Article about: Hi, I've been offered this helmet, would like to know what you think before I bid on it. It looks good to me, but my eyes aren't that trained so I could use some expertise Appr. value/how mu

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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    If fake, I would say they did a pretty good job. Looks ok from here IMO. But dont take my word as Im not an expert on helmets

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    Thanks, would 800$ be a correct price if real?

    The seller says that he guarantees the authenticity, which would mean that I have the right to return it if the opposite is proven.
    Of course I need to be sure.
    Seller thinks it was used on several fronts, which would explain the different colours. IMO it's just Normandie tarn. What do you think? Yej or Nej?


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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    This is a tricky one for me. I can't really spot any red flags, but the liner looks like it might have been replaced. The decal is too smooshed for me to compare it to any of them in my book. I would wait to hear Doug's or Frank's opinion.

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    As I said before a real camo from a respected dealer would cost a great deal of money, in the region of 1500$ upwards, secondly how well do you know the seller,what sort of reputation does he have, and if he was a true dealer and knew this was real he would be asking the full amount, i would be very careful with this one

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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    He says he needs money, and is willing to let it go for the price that he paid, being appr. 800USD.

    The thing is, I like it, but if there's too many doubts I'll pass. Enough helmets out there, but they're not all camouflaged unfortunately. For the price, I could do a nice deal. But then again, I don't want to get ripped if it turns out to be fake. Normandy camo's don't show up too often, so I want to be careful. On the other hand, here in Belgium a lot of nice lids have been found over the years. The seller lives in Antwerp, I don't know him very well but has gotten good feedback from others.


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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    I wouldn't want it , decal is liberated post war , a post war touched helmet and maybe not just the decal ...
    Guys that know militaria (or claim to know) would not sell anything so much below the real price unless there's a catch

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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    Good point Frank.. Shame, because it's really a nice pot. Obviously there's some doubts, I'll look for another one.


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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    Salty but I like the colors of the camo. Yes, liner looks a bit strange. Not a one-looker but for me It's rather an Italy camo not typical Normandy.

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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    A camo is a camo. I detest the use of geographic terms when referring to them. Germany fought for all of the space between Normandy, Italy and Southern Russia. The helmet could have been painted and used at any time and place between those locations.

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    Default Re: Camo Heer M40 - opinions

    That's true, most of the time they just refer to camo as 'Normandie tarn' from the moment it has 3 tones.
    Could have been used everywhere, not in Normandy per sé.


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