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View Poll Results: Which Helmet has Authentic Camo Paint?

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  • Helmet 1

    1 2.44%
  • Helmet 2

    16 39.02%
  • Helmet 3

    8 19.51%
  • Helmet 4

    6 14.63%
  • None of the above

    8 19.51%
  • I'm waiting for Doug...

    2 4.88%
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Camo Helmet Quiz

Article about: I think th quality of the pictures is enough to say about them, but you can close it if you wish

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    Default Re: Camo Helmet Quiz

    I think th quality of the pictures is enough to say about them, but you can close it if you wish

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    Default Re: Camo Helmet Quiz

    I didn't know we could close our own threads?

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    Not reopened by me.

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    Dang it, which was the real one then

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    This is a cool thread I will take a look and see if can spot the good one. Don't close it or reveal the good lid yet

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Camo Helmet Quiz

    The problem with this quiz is that I cannot offer an answer and know for sure it is correct. As was mentioned earlier, only an in hand examination would give a concrete conclusion on the above helmets. Therefore it was a mistake to post this quiz in the first place. However, you all deserve some explanation. I think all four of the above helmets are fake. I can't prove it, but the evidence I see leads me in that direction.

    Helmet 1 has no period wear. The paint is freshly applied. Not much else needs to be said

    Helmet 2 is the one that I almost bought. The wear looks really convincing to me on a first look, but a close inspection exposes a number of potential red flags. Here are just a few examples that I can see in the photos

    1: White paint is worn off, but base paint underneath is intact
    2: Batches of wear
    3: More suspicious wear (lines)

    Camo Helmet Quiz Camo Helmet Quiz

    Helmet 3 has the same problem as helmet 1, no period wear. Paint looks freshly applied. Decal is fake (note the wing and head).

    Helmet 4 also looks pretty convincing to me, but I would pass on it based on the photos provided because the wear looks artificial and the paint looks suspicious. Note in the picture below how there are brush strokes in the paint surrounding the decal, yet on the decal itself the paint looks like it has been added in dabs rather than strokes. The helmet was made too look like its decal was painted over and then the paint was worn off. However the difference between the two methods of application of the paint show to me that the paint on the decal was added separately to show a worn look. It is hard to explain what I mean, but hopefully the photo can get across my point. Also another problem I have with this helmet and helmet 2 is that all the "wear" appears to have been applied at the same moment. You would think that after 60 plus years that the helmets would exhibit both wartime wear and post war wear. The consistency and patterned look of the wear makes me think this helmet is a fake, meant to deceive.

    Camo Helmet Quiz

    I'm sorry for not having a concrete answer to the Quiz question, it was my mistake posting it in the first place. Anyways, these are a few reasons why I think these helmets are all bad. Maybe some of you can give your own reasons why you think a particular helmet is good or bad. Perhaps you noticed something that I didn't. Anyways, I'm interested to see what others come up with.


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    I agree none of these are real.

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    Default Re: Camo Helmet Quiz

    My guess if any were authentic it would be 2 or 4, but 4 did not show proper aging where the metal was exposed IMO and the paint on 2 was questionable. Thanks for the way you presented information Corey I am still very basic on my knowledge of German helmets and its nice to learn more.

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    UPDATE: My last observation on the Brush strokes around the decal on the 4th helmet may be incorrect. I think I can see some brush strokes on the decal. Nonetheless it is still a bad helmet in my opinion.


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    Default Re: Camo Helmet Quiz

    Well i went for number 2 as the only possible original "cammo",but then as i said earlier i still would not have touched that one either!!

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