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Camo luft with wire.

Article about: Here we have a lovely M.35 camo helmet, I believe its a Luftwaffe one. ET66 4292. Another Island pick up, you don't see too many like this anymore over here. d.

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    Default Re: Camo luft with wire.

    Yes of course you are allowed to fight your corner. As for the name calling issue, English is not my native tongue. Danish is, even i live in Russia now. In Danish terms it sounds like name calling, but never mind the bollocks

    I very well know you post many nice items etc and that of course gives some credibility. The paint job looks to be OK, i just noticed the chip in the the helmet paint that is painted. On the skirt above the left ear, front of the wire. It could easily have had this chip when painted. Actually it would be strange if it was brand new when camo paint was applied. It's just that wire helmets are very tricky so to speak. Allow me to ask how come it's a fact it's period applied. The wire that is


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    If the camo paint is OK the wire should be as well, there's a lot of camo paint on the wire in the exact same color and pattern as on the shell. Or maybe this is just about semantics... Granted, I'm far from an expert/being very well versed but simply by using my 20/20 vision I'm just not seeing the problem with the wire here... (?)

    I'll butt out of this now..

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    My 2c / 2p worth if I may ....... if an item were to be kept out of the elements and sun for 70 years it is quite possible that it would still look quite fresh. My recent helmet purchase has convinced me of that......

    That's all, not taking sides .....
    Regards, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Default Re: Camo luft with wire.

    Lars its a fact because there was no need to apply wire, there were hundreds if not thousands with similar wire or more intricate wire covers than this just lying around the Island to be picked up. There were never that many collectors and therefore no great demand for a cottage industry in the production of adding wires to a helmet.... it was easier to just go get one from those that were lying around. Also this helmet came from a good source who had had it from the end of the Occupation till I got it. Maybe we were spoilt here on the Island having so much genuine kit all over the place, there was never any need to make up items like might have been common else where. Come to Jersey, I will show you around and you can see lots of good kit, unspoilt and molested jus the way it was left here.

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    It sounds reasonable if you had so many laying around after the occupation. Maybe the wire have not been on the helmet for a very long time. Often there is a lot scratch marks etc from foliage and additional wiring, rub marks on skirt and what not. I just gave my immediate opinion. I felt different than others commenting, so why write something else than what i thought? I guess this one will be good for future reference, as wired helmets as well as camo ones is quite a minefield. I have no problem admitting to be wrong if i am.

    If i ever plan to go to Jersey i will surely let you know.

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Camo luft with wire.

    Look forward to the day you come over, there's loads to see. Its a great Island with German bunkers everywhere. Even after 40 years of looking for bunkers newones I have never seen before are still turning up. We have some of the best of the best here, they were never attacked by anyone other than the scrap man.
    All the best,

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    Default Re: Camo luft with wire.

    Thanks a lot. Sure sounds like a place to go to

    Regards, Lars

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    This has got to be one of your favorites

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    Default Re: Camo luft with wire.

    Nice discussion chaps, I like this one personally but I can also see the points that have been made. I don't think the lid was used very much at all after the wire was applied as the paint is in the condition it is. No scratches from foliage etc as Lars said.

    Quote by Datrus View Post
    If i ever plan to go to Jersey i will surely let you know.
    If you do mate, let me know as well. I want to go too and it would be cool to meet up

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    Default Re: Camo luft with wire.

    One has to take into account this was an occupation force, they were not combat troops. They were billeted around the coast in bunkers and observation posts, billeted with locals, they commandeered houses, and they lived in the towns. They were not dug into fox holes or living in hedgerows.
    There was never any offensive action taken against the Channel Islands. The soldiers had a pretty easy time of it really, apart from towards the end when food was in very short supply after the D-Day landings.
    This may explain why the items left behind on the Islands are mostly in such good condition

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