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Camo Luftwaffe?

Article about: I agree it is an "ugly duckling" of a helmet, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder lol

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    Maybe a soldier messed it up, or someone tried to cover it up postwar, who knows how many hands really owned it, I told him to put camo rope netting over it so it wont look so bad, you can actually still see the right half of the eagle, he seems happy with it but probably worth 200 not 4, too bad helmets cant talk.

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    Just had another looksie, and the liner is definitely a Norwegian reissue, the inside still has the Norwegian color to it. I honestly can't tell if the whitewash and everything is original, but I give it my thumbs up. The postwar paint was probably removed recently and returned it to it's former glory, still a very nice helmet
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    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    It looks to me like the whitewash was added on top of the green paint, not the other way around. Also the liner band was painted green. I think there is more to this one then it just being a Norwegian reissue. Is it just me or is there two shades of green on the skirt?


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    Its a Norwegian reissue. The paint sequence is Luft blue/whitewash/green. Postwar some lids were sandblasted and paint, others were just painted over the original camo. I believe this is one of them. They would have has the leather out when the green was applied, hence the band being green. You can still see the decal under the whitewash to which is a good sign. Would love to have a better pics of that as well if one can be provided.

    I think its as good lid, just stripped of its Norwegian paint and it wasnt done the best it could have been.


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    I will try to get more pics from him, and talk him into selling it to me now lol, and since im kind of a newbie, what makes it a norwegian reissue?? as compared to a regular luft helmet, I mean how can you tell so easily?

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    Post war the Norwegian forces gathered thousands of german helmets and made some changes to them for re issue. The most basic as a new paint colour, as we said before which could be straight ontop of the German colour or sandblasted and repainted.

    The other big standout was the liners, which they dyed a very distinctive red/brown colour, which is the colour of the liner in this helmet. The dye can be take out of it but its hard work. Usually if you see the liner its a good indication of what it might have been.


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    Quote by maximus71 View Post
    I will try to get more pics from him, and talk him into selling it to me now lol, and since im kind of a newbie, what makes it a norwegian reissue?? as compared to a regular luft helmet, I mean how can you tell so easily?
    You don't want to buy that helmet , it has lost it's WW2 historical value. Put your money in something decent and unquestionable.

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    so what I gather from all this info is that it was a luft blue issue, then camo white washed, then postwar the liner was taken out and dyed, the helmet was painted green and norway reissued, then somewhere down the road somebody wanted to see what was under the green paint and sanded it down to what it looks like now, and half the people here like it and half dont.
    I love this hobby!!!!

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    Got to agree with Frank, this helmet has been messed with a few times, the sad fact is that if this had been left as a Norwegian with original paint and the Norwegian decals it would have its own Historical and collectable value. But it certainly would'nt be worth the money paid in this condition

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    Maximus, its an interesting helmet because of what has happened to it, I certainly wouldn't buy it though. I saw this one when it was for sale, had a giggle and moved on. Not for me


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