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camo m35 /m16

Article about: guys as we all know the ww2 german soldiers had many ways to make harnesses for camo and field applied colour question im not totally sure of the answer to was in ww1 did the ger

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    guys as we all know the ww2 german soldiers had many ways to make harnesses for camo and field applied colour question im not totally sure of the answer to was in ww1 did the germans ever paint the m16 for snowy regions.they have the well known splinter pattern/paint applied ,but did it stop there.i have never seen an m16 painted to suit the terain,and as it inevitably snowed where they fought it would have been vital to paint their equipment to suit the white of the not sure if the cloth helmet cover was meant for this?

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    That is a good question, I have seen 2 that were camo in a light brown color from the Reims area but white for the Russian front ,I have a friend you has one but I do not know if it is the real deal. let see what the pro say.

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    I am too lazy to dig out my reference books, but this is from my unreliable brain:
    the German army issued a white helmet cover in the winter of 1916-17. It was of a mediumto coarse linen, held on with 8 hooks. It was never issued again, and the only helmet covers after that were privately made of locally aquired materials. (I also thing some must have been made regimentally or divisionally as some on the books are very nicely made.)
    The German army had snow suits, with hoods. The suits were long, and I think limited sizes, as they have provisions for gathering in the back. The hood was a pointed top, made PERHAPS to fit the Picklehaube, or perhaps simply becasue it was easier to make.
    I have photos of this but I think it more common to mountain troops. Not sure!
    I suspect that helmets in winter could easily be coated with chalk if needed as many reports and photes show chalk in many parts of the French countryside and the trench line there. However, I suspect that the snow may not have been as white as WW2 since positional warfare often results in snow that gets dirty faster. Plus, sticking one's head over the trench in day light would have been a very foolish practice. Periscopes, mirrors and small firing slits would preclude a need for a como helmet.

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    LAS VEGAS, jagdhorn is absolutly correct re the issued cover, and his assumtion re/mountain troops was also correct, the suit was specifically for them...on both the Eastern and Western fronts German soldiers did paint (probably a lime based whitewash) their steel helmets to suit the terrain, especially in Winter. Even when the order to camouflage steel helmets in mid 1918 commenced, the shades of the paint issued were often altered to suit the particular terrain the soldier was positioned in.

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    Thankyou for the interesting info on this subject guys,lv.

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