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Can someone tell me why this is allowed to be advertised here?

Article about: *link in first post is invalid/does not lead to seller as intended

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    *link in first post is invalid/does not lead to seller as intended

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    Circuit advertisement Can someone tell me why this is allowed to be advertised here?
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    To lighten the thread,i wish my only worry was a helmet posted in the wrong section,im just praying i live to 80 with my health,sorry guys,thought i would put things in prospective,regards george

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    I hope you do, George, I hope we all live beyond 80. But, Doug has a valid and legitimate gripe here. If what Doug had said, and I believe he is good on his word, I would gladly donate extra in membership dues if it means this type of items do not show up here. I am fine with someone selling repro decals in the classifieds section under reproductions, but its a different issue if the seller has knowingly conducted copyright infringement and violations for their own gain. I understand his frustration.

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    Quote by GEORGE View Post
    To lighten the thread,i wish my only worry was a helmet posted in the wrong section,im just praying i live to 80 with my health,sorry guys,thought i would put things in prospective,regards george
    Oh dear, that really lightens things! Better not go buying any green bananas then George, just to be on the safe side and all that.....
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    So, in the interests of keeping things light do we just turn a blind eye and say nothing? I have devoted thousands of hours to the study of this particular genre and a fair chunk of change, and freely shared my knowledge. For me a faker using member photos or advertisements on reproductions (ie FAKES) from a clown I have gone up against, even from an auto ebay feed, is the polar opposite from what a militaria forum like this should be striving for and is counter to what I thought we were here for. Sorry if I dont get it but I dont get it. I help run and fund a forum, I know what costs are and the need for revenue I do fully appreciate and understand.

    Pardon me for not keeping things "light" and ignoring it, I merely am asking a question. The way I see it there is no "perspective" other than right or wrong. Pick one. It's pretty simple to me.

    Anyway, its not worth 20 million pages of discussion. I just wanted to bring the topic up.

    PS one of the decals this clown used was watermarked if I am not mistaken. Some photoshop work can remove a watermark and add the 'damage" its not hard to cover it all up.

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    Doug regarding photos being copied from the site, i used to run a forum site about tattooing and a lot of tattoo artists were upset about other people right clicking tattoo photos and copying then claiming the work was theirs, the guy who ran the technical side of the site added a "patch" that prevented copying photos, maybe something similar could be added here?
    I agree with what you are saying about the ebay links, maybe a brainstorm is in order to find another form of revenue for the site?...Just my thoughts and not meaning to offend anybody!....
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    I am with Doug on all points.

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    So, is this about this one particular ebayer that is stealing your photos or is it about the ebay listings as a whole? I can see the personal issue and the frustration and wanting to take this up with mods in light of being a paying and contributing member but I, personally, don't really see the ebay listings as a big issue overall if this is what's deemed the best way to gather revenue to keep things running. I'd much rather have the listings than huge advertisement and pop-ups all over.

    I don't know, you say this is a matter of either-or... I don't agree. In my opinion, as long as members are made aware of the nature of these listings (something they may or may not be at this point, I can only relate how I perceive the whole thing) it's a pretty non-obtrusive "feature" but then again it seems like discussion is not wanted... so maybe it doesn't really matter one way or the other.

    And I can only speak for myself, once again, but I am surely not trying to be "nice" for the sake of peace-making as is alluded to but... yes, I can actually see both sides of the matter and say that there's definitely two valid ways of looking at the whole thing. I see the revenue thing and I see the personal side where you have an issue with this, again, "feature" ---

    Hopefully there's some way to work this out --- because, as you may well know, your contributions are definitely cherished and valued highly on here... for me this goes without saying.

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    Hi Guys, first off it is IMPOSSIBLE to prevent photo theft no matter what programmes you install on any site. All you need to do is hit the "Print Screen" button on the top row of your keyboard, go to "Paint" and save and crop the image. It is that simple.

    E Bay is with us come what may. We cannot make it go away as much as we might like.

    Forums are not free to run. Although I am sure many people think they are. We need the revenue and not enough people become Gold Club members to fund the forum. If every user did, we would be laughing. No simple answer.

    Cheers, Ade.

    PS: Lez and I had pics ripped off once, and then touted out of India, so I know how you feel.
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    I want to be clear, I am NOT upset at the forum for people ripping off pics, all Ade says above is true.

    What I was (and am) bugged about is a clown who was ripping off my decal photos and using them as his reproductions and an advert coming in this forum by this twit via an eBay feed.

    So back to my question, why are those eBay adverts allowed to be on the forum, to which Ade responded, to generate revenue. I fully understand and respect this.

    My only comment is/was, at what point does the need for revenue outweigh the need to not be tied to any form of reproduction, fake or fraud being advertised by any means on this site? That is all. It is a question successfully answered on another forum I partake it, which has zero dealer advertising, zero eBay feeds, zero Google ads, and zero sales commissions. All I am saying, is where there is a will, there is a way.

    But I think there is a misunderstanding of my threads and comments in other areas of this forum that are being misread.

    My other 2 collection threads where some moron named sovietera stole photos and used them on iOffer is not the fault of this forum whatsoever. I chose not to watermark, thinking they wouldn't be used and underestimated the ingenuity of sovietera and his lack of ethics. But please do not confuse this with the decal eBay fraudster sale issue. It is mere coincidence they came up at nearly the same time.

    My applause goes out to Ade for his efforts on this forum, God knows I know what a struggle it is to run a forum like this and how costly they are (I have the credit card bills to prove it)

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