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Can someone tell me why this is allowed to be advertised here?

Article about: *link in first post is invalid/does not lead to seller as intended

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    Hardly the same, but I just followed a link to a dealers site posted on another forum and found they are using one of my images in a wanted add for a cap badge, bloody cheek! If they had asked I would not mind, but without asking first I am somewhat put out about this, but a bit surprised that they could not get a better image from another source, though the cap it is on is very uncommonly seen, well I only know of the one which I own but the badge would be quite common and surely they could have just used one of the badge and not my one of it insitu on the cap.

    As I mentioned above, not really the same but there seems to be a lot of this about lately and perhaps I might go back to watermarking my images.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Circuit advertisement Can someone tell me why this is allowed to be advertised here?
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    Some of our images within the Forum are made public through
    the internet. All you have to do is 'Google' an item, and it may
    show up there as an image. Photos that I have taken and
    uploaded here of my Willys MB appear several times.

    Simple enough to copy and paste from there.........


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    Hi Steve,

    These images sovietera used were ripped from here, not the net. All images in the same order as I posted. Like I said, it's my own fault for not watermarking them.

    The decal faker however took those pics from the WAF a few years ago, aged them and used them without consent. When I challenged him he removed them from his site but I have no doubt they were used still for sales as I saw the cheap copy on a helmet once and had a chuckle at how bad they look in person.

    So I was really shocked last night to see his ad here on WRF! Even via an eBay feed. Anyway, it's getting beaten to death, image stealing happens all the time. I will go up against these clowns when I see it happen with my images. But I get right pissed off with the fakers who use my images to make their fakes, as you all can tell...

    anyway, happy trails, iOffer pulled sovietera's ads, and Ade or someone pulled the eBay link down from here, thank you whoever did that I appreciate it.

    Back to my WW1 CEF insignia now...

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    Hi Doug.

    I can understand your anger and frustration over this. I too would be pissed
    if they were my images that were lifted to generate sales or make copies.
    The Ebay feed I believe selects random ads - but if it is pulled, all the
    better - we don't need the hassle and grief we get from these
    fakers and thieves.........


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    You know this would be an even more enjoyable hobby if we could spend 100% of the time studying and researching these artifacts rather than what seems like 90% of our time battling fakes, cons, and profiteers!

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    Hear Hear Doug!
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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hear Hear Doug!
    Thanks Ade and thanks for putting up with my busting your balls on this issue. I know you know I mean well. It was a shock to see that ad there! My apologies if I made life uncomfortable for you, it was not my intent. I have the utmost respect for what you are trying to do with this forum as you know Ade.

    When the dander gets up I will press an issue hard, I guess thats the businessman in me LOL.

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