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Civic or police helmet. Is this real?

Article about: This helmet has no sign of any decals or anything of the sort, so I am not sure what to make of it. Is it authentic? Thanks guys Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploa

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    Quote by MySonsDad View Post
    Thought more of the experts would have chimed in by now, I'm absolutly of know real knowlage of these (or anything german for that matter) but since my kid has one (his very first lid) I did do some digging and it I belive it to be an M34, as other have already pointed out fire/police civil helmet. Yes William, it is very small and lightweight, but then again, it is not a combat helmet. My kid's has reminents of two eagle and swas decals on it that I do NOT belive to be correct.
    Jim (helmet2id) already replied, it is exactly what he says it is. Post a photo of your sons and we can tell you if it is correct or not.

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    Quote by willisms View Post
    This helmet is EXTREMELY small..... did they make these for kids? There is no way this could fit on anyone much older than a preteen.
    The average person then was much smaller than we are today. This is an adult helmet but many adults were 5'3" then, not the 6'3" we see teenagers hit by 16 today.

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    In general, your best bet with militaria is to leave everything AS IS... the very most you should do is wipe it down gently with a dry cloth to remove any dust. Put it up on a shelf and admire it.

    Your helmet survived ~70+yrs as is, so why add a repro decal? Some of the repro decals out there may look authentic and they may look cool, but not every helmet had to have decals on it. It looks like your lid never had decals in the first place, and is 100% authentic as is, so why change it?!

    Plus, adding decals will raise red flags and discredit your entire helmet in the eyes of other collectors...

    In terms of what you paid for it, I think you did okay. I'd pay about the same for it.

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    Default Re: Civic or police helmet. Is this real?

    Its a nice lid, dont put fake decals on it. Also the price seems decent.

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    Default Re: Civic or police helmet. Is this real?

    Thanks everyone for your replies! I will leave it just as it is, and put it on display.

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