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Classic Normandy cammo:-)

Article about: Hello, I have just bought my first real Normandy Helmet from the famed dealer Jessens and wish to share it with you here for referance.It cost me quite a bit but well worth it the way prices

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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    Well thats what ive been told and i would put this Normandy cammo to any test.Anyway its definately not black and the stamp is not Chech as it clearly starts with Mg and a little further on has 1940.Please save the photo and magnify it and you will see.He stated that it may be a museum stamp also but i don't think so with markings like that
    Please note the rivets as the liner has never been out and its common for unit markings to be blanked out after capture.There was no story of that but just sold as a good honest Helmet.Was the black lined one another on the same site? Sorry just confused as all i was doing was showing my best Helmet at the end of the day.If it could be proven fake then he owes me a lot of money when i contact him


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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    I think that Luftwaffe cammo is in fact blue grey inside thats gone dark as you can see it in the second last photo.Please remember that even dark green Helmets go darker with age as i have a DAK lid thats definately been there and its apple green under desert cammo.Definately darker than usual though and surely we would worry if it were not?? I will make a thread on my other one asap


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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    Hi Marcus,
    My Helmet is dark grey inside but i think the comments refer to the Luftwaffe cammo from the same site.Take a look at his photos as i can clearly see a blue grey element and it worn down darker towards the edge which i would say is normal.The tan cammo is marked as painted while the liner was still in as i have seen before but not sure on that one.Apparently it has a painted out decal and inside of the shell at the top its still blue grey under the leather which should be correct.Still these 2 have been slammed so i'd better not say anymore but just my opinion guys

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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    Hello Tom most important thing is that you are happy with your purchase. I just gave my opinion. Good pictures are so important when showing camo's on a forum.

    I stick with my opinion and both helmets I linked to are not good. In fact both are ludicrous.
    If a seller posts such lousy photos I just ignore his site altogether.

    Sadly I have seen too many people buy in blind faith from dealers and they didn't come out ahead. Best do your own homework.

    PS I referred to what seems to be black paint on your helmet. I know how paint can age and darken. Q Luftwaffe blue will keep its color pretty good and never tones to black.

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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    Hello again,
    Yeah i hear ya about sites but there is definately no black on my Helmet as its painted over dark grey (or grey green as some people call it). It makes you wonder though if those other 2 Luftis are so bad. If hes been dealing in Helmets for 30+ years why would he list a cammo painted over black and especially still showing inside? I had an original M42 sd that was very dark for blue grey so it can be possible with digital pics.Surley he would know better. Well we'd like to hope

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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    All dealers will get caught with thier pants down from time to time, I have seen fake SS decaled helmets on highly reputable sites (which were removed when informed) and recently a fake RM decaled transitional on a top site that got promptly removed when sent the evidence.

    As for Jessens relics I see more than fake helmets on the headgear page I am afraid. And there are some fake helmets there.

    Know what your buying and buy what you know or go out and source opinions and do your homework. We all get kicked in the shins from time to time to remind us this hobby cannot be based solely on reputation.

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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    Quote by Tom Bennett View Post

    I always love to read your comments.Many thanks for them all and will go back to Jensens for another lid when i recover finances

    He's based in the US at Ohio.He has a great list and all kinds of cool items

    Jessen only sells the real deal guranteed.

    Yeah i thought it may be a good idea to place it under guard considering the price it cost me

    Well this seller was recommended by a fellow walhalla member who happens to be one of the biggest collectors of German Helmets in Australia

    Where does the bad reputation come from for this seller as i here nothing but good comments

    ... i would put this Normandy cammo to any test.

    If it could be proven fake then he owes me a lot of money when i contact him

    Sorry for the second follow on post but this thread had me thinking...

    Doesnt Jessen have only a 3 day return policy? If so his guarantee of originality is very thin. Personally I buy only from a very select group of dealers who offer a lifetime guarantee of originality.

    ""RETURNS: Any item found unsatisfactory for any reason may be returned for refund less postage within three (3) days of receipt. IF IN THE SAME CONDITION AS SHIPPED (except layaways). This means that you have three days to look it over and notify me of the return and ship it on the fourth day. I must be notified by phone, fax or e-mail that you are returning the item-this is so that I can notify the next guy that this item is available.""

    I would be very cautious dealing with anyone that gives only 3 days to determine originality on an item you may not possess the resident expertise to judge on your own and instead buy on reputation and recommendation of the dealer.

    I am not saying Jessens Relics is a site to avoid however I see enough on 1 page to have some concerns that he has perhaps made some errors in his own judgement. I see many originals as well which tells me that you must know what you are buying beforehand. The friend who referred him to you might have more experience and can pick through the inventory with a high degree of confidence that what he is selecting is good. As for "bad reputation" I am not sure he has one but caveat emptor is the watchword.

    Finally if you want to test the helmet here is what I recommend.

    1. Post it on the German Helmet Walhalla forum with good clear photos. There are the top helmet collectors including some of the top camo collectors on the planet who will give a respectful and qualified opinion on your helmet.

    2. Send photos to Ruffin, a top helmet restoration artist who will freely tell you his opinion on the paint and wear. He makes camo helmets very convincing and sends GHW his creations for our database there so his works are recorded.

    3. Send the helmet out for ADM, advanced digital magnification. At 400x magnification newer camo paint that is aged has been shown to have reflective properties while I have seen that period camo paint typically does not. Also repetitive toolmarking on the wear can be clearly seen as well as the raw edges around the paint wear. Naturally worn paint has a certain and specific look on the paint edges that is clearly seen at 200 or 400x magnification that forced wear typically does not. ADM can pick up enough green or red flags to give you some ideas as to originality.

    4. Send the helmet to Kelly Hicks for an XRF scan of the paint. This can pick up modern synthetics and elements contained in the paint. If this picks up modern elements in the paint you know it is post 45. If not it doesnt mean it is original but that red flag is at least covered.

    Tom it sounds like your helmet cost a lot of money. In order to perform these tests one needs longer than 3 days and in my opinion (for whatever its worth) I am afraid this camo you bought is not a 1 looker by the photos you have provided, and I would take these simple steps to be sure you have made a good purchase.


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    Default Re: Classic Normandy cammo:-)

    Well yes i have read your points with much gratitude but it was never my intention to place it up for question on here.It was put out there to appreciate and enjoy as i do and am satisfied (not just happy to own it) that its very real indeed.

    I have a big collector friend here who is a member of the Wallhalla as i am myself and he knows his lids.He has confirmed this example as others have so i am convinced that is not a question of it being real but who believes others may have somthing real other than the silence of the so called big tops on this one.In fact i am disappointed to get no support from them at all on this one very real Normandy cammo.No fake here and no question and passed all the supreme magnification tests with flying colours that is why i payed the money.I have had the fakes trust me but this is not one of them


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