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Classifieds Bad M40 Wire

Article about: Well dealt with gentlemen, I have no idea what the fool said either but it sure seemed very ugly! Thanks for your translations to Chrisk, very helpful and considerate. Level headed people li

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    Default Classifieds Bad M40 Wire

    This is quite an obvious fake on the estand at the moment. The same seller has a Das Reich tunic too, not my area but ridiculously cheap and should be looked at by someone who knows cloth I feel.

    German Wehrmacht steel helmet - Militaria Collectibles buy - sell at War Relics

    Here is the tunic for ease of viewing for those interested:

    German Uniform WW2 Das Reich - Militaria Collectibles buy - sell at War Relics

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    Circuit advertisement Classifieds Bad M40 Wire
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    Hi Krad...not place to close this ad...but if you and others can generate a few more obvious reasons why these 2 items are no good..then at that point myself or another Moderator will close the ad. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    I agree with Krad on the helmet at least, Cloth items are not my thing but that helmet is bad, Bad, Bad! It should not be on our ads. Cheers, Sean.

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    Thanks Larry. The tunic will need another eye but the helmet is a screamer. No patina anywhere but particularly under and around the wire, M40 with two decals is a basic red flag but both decals are pre aged printed fakes. The background on the eagle decal has a strange blue tone to it where it should be deep black. The liner looks to be one of the typical repro liners from ebay as you see here:


    the only thing original IMO is the shell and perhaps the liner pins.

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Hi Krad...not place to close this ad...but if you and others can generate a few more obvious reasons why these 2 items are no good..then at that point myself or another Moderator will close the ad. Regards Larry
    I know you're not a helmet guy, Larry, but Andy is correct. This one is screaming fake, might as well put it in neon lights.
    As for why, double decal M40's are rare. With wire are even rarer. The decals are junk, fakes, can be seen a mile away. At the price of €800 it is obviously being sold as genuine, albeit cheaper than a genuine wire would be sold as, but still cheaper. It's meant to deceive someone. If it was allowed this helmet would probably be on eBay. It's Safe to axe that advertisement. As for the tunic I cannot help you.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    All the items have been removed.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    ..... unless the price was not in Euros but Ethiopoan Birrs!

    Then its a bargain! !! ( 800 Birr = 29.7 Euros )
    " Too many Florence Nightingales, not enough Robin Hoods. Too many halos not enough heroes, coming up with the goods "
    The Housemartins, "Flag day"

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    Horrid fake


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    Wow what a comment in czech. Really sad.
    Looking for following WWII German items:
    - anything dealing with Allenstein (Olsztyn) and Wehrkreis I in East Prussia,
    - entrenching tool carrier (straight and folding),
    - forestry and hunting items,

    Polish Militaria 1914-1945 -
    GTA Militaria - Discussions and Sales -

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    meyle77 ak je argument že uniforma je zla ,lebo je lacna a helma je fake ked ma vymenene leder ..tak potom neviem , bolo upozornenie pri podani inzeratu, že leder je meneny .....mojimi rukami prešlo tolko militarii , kolko tato banda ani nevidela na internete

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