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Could I have thoughts on this helmet please.

Article about: Here are a few pics, to me the shell looks ok not sure about the liner.

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    Quote by busman View Post
    Not sure if you mean the helmet and table , but I'm happy with both ,u can just make out the decal on the side of the table in the right light.
    No, Just the table. It was meant to be a joke but appears to have gone down like a lead balloon .....
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    Circuit advertisement Could I have thoughts on this helmet please.
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    Paint your helmet in camouflage - then stick a nice shiny decal on it! Sort of defeats the object.

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    The camo is clearly after the decal, I have seen many camouflage helmets with decals showing, this certainly does not mean it a fake. Paint can be seen over the eagle.

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    Hi busman,

    Wasnt meant as an opinion on authenticity. It looks to me from the photos as if the decal was on top of the cammo.


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    Sorry if I came across as a bit defensive. My poor quality iPhone pics don't really help matters.

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    Quote by busman View Post
    Sorry if I came across as a bit defensive. My poor quality iPhone pics don't really help matters.
    You have no need to apologise to anyone. You showed a helmet which split opinion amongst fellow collectors. I personally like it - and so do you. Helmets always look better in hand, and I dare say many a good helmet has been written off as crap on this forum. But by the same token there have probably been bad helmets passed as good one's. We always managed very well in the past before the advent of computers and these forums. In those days you really could only judge by actually examining the object in hand.
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    Thanks Harry for your wise words, as you say we can't all agree and I feel comfortable as to it being ok, and will enjoy adding this one to my other items in my collection.

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    If you look at the decal, to the left/top is the black part of the decal on top of the camo? Not saying good or bad on this camo, it does looks scrubbed/cleaned to me. But my track record lately with camo's is not the best.
    Attached Images Attached Images Could I have thoughts on this helmet please. 
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    Good photos can make or break a helmet , I think the topic poster should make a better effort.
    Based on the photos presented I would not have purchased the helmet.

    For helmets of this class the forum should not be torn , it is either good or it is not.
    Good photos will help us make that assessment.

    9.5 out of 10 helmets presented on forums can be assessed correctly just by good photography.

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    If you are saying I didn't make an effort ,then think again, I can only use what I have, in future I will not post on here , as obviously my equipment and helmet is not up up your expectations, as to say the forum should not be torn is a ridiculous statement, I and everyone else has the right to an opinion. And if your saying that anyone who likes this helmet is wrong and should keep quiet , is a bit off. Many thanks for your opinion as I unlike you seem to value other people's ideas.
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