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Could I have thoughts on this helmet please.

Article about: Here are a few pics, to me the shell looks ok not sure about the liner.

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    Quote by busman View Post
    Sorry if I came across as a bit defensive. My poor quality iPhone pics don't really help matters.
    Hello busman,

    No offence taken mate, not a problem.



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    Circuit advertisement Could I have thoughts on this helmet please.
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    Hey Busman... That's it then... Your photographs are crap, and so is your helmet. And on top of that you come from Cumbria. Not a lot going for you is there?

    I bet your glad you came on this forum. Not only do they dispense 'advice' about militaria, they can also tell you about the finer points of photography as well. That would come in handy where you live - probably the finest scenery in England - and home to many of my former army comrades. Our regiment are still known as the Lancashire & Cumbrian Gunners. Next time I'm up that way maybe you will allow me to look at that nice German helmet you have.

    You need a thick skin to survive on here. There is a well-known and knowledgeable dealer not far from you in Carlisle. Take your helmet to him and see what he says.

    Several years ago before I was even a member on here, I sent a portfolio of photographs of a 17th century Zischagge helmet to the Leeds Armoury for appraisal. Two of the museum conservation staff looked at the photographs, and opinion was divided on authenticity. When I actually sent the helmet up to them for 'in hand' examination that all changed, and it came back with a letter stating that it was an original. Now that is one of the reasons why I don't take much notice of what is said on here.

    There are obviously helmets which actually scream out at you that they are fake as soon as you see them, and then there are others where it really is hard to make a judgement just by looking at pictures - but it doesn't stop the resident 'experts' from doing so. It is only their judgement, and they can be just as wrong as the next man. I am always reluctant to comment on most thing military, because I much prefer to be able to hold, see, and smell the items - impossible to do with a picture! I am not taking the proverbial out of anyone here, because there are undoubtedly some very knowledgeable people amongst the members - some of whom will have forgotten more about militaria than we will ever learn.
    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    A minor point that I noticed, is the weave on the drawstring, doesn't look correct, should be tighter.

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    Unfortunately Harry I'm a southern softie not from Cumbria, maybe that's why my skin is a bit thin. All said and done I have had interesting feed back some for and some against, and maybe I will dust off the old Kodak.

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    Give over mate it's a bit of string!

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    hi busman ,if you dont mind me asking ,do you know anything of the history behind this stahlhelm ,was it a barn find and if so where was it found
    thanks james

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    Quote by busman View Post
    If you are saying I didn't make an effort ,then think again, I can only use what I have, in future I will not post on here , as obviously my equipment and helmet is not up up your expectations, as to say the forum should not be torn is a ridiculous statement, I and everyone else has the right to an opinion. And if your saying that anyone who likes this helmet is wrong and should keep quiet , is a bit off. Many thanks for your opinion as I unlike you seem to value other people's ideas.
    You put things in my mouth which I did not write.
    Collecting is not about individual opinions. Only one thing matters. Is the thing real or not. It's never a bit real or a bit fake.
    For that you have not provided decent enough photos for me and as such I have to assess the helmet based on your lesser quality photos. Sorry if you feel slighted but look at some photos of regular posters and you'll see the difference.
    So as a personal opinion based on my experience I see things in your photos I do not like.
    For me it is the camo overpaint. But better photos could perhaps change my view of your helmet.

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    I'm afraid I have no history of the helmet.

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    is it still possible to ask the previous owner at all ? and im not referring to the soldier who wore it

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    this a m40 I had a while ago the wear on the decal is much the same.

    as with camo helmets good images are a must.
    I cant see how the liner has has been changed.
    but if so, the m40 helmet may have been a shell at one point that has been cleaned back. to original condition with a good ww2 liner put in it.
    and in the process the decal has been exposed more.
    I don't think this should take away the fact that this is a original helmet. (if this has happened) as we will never know when and were this was done.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Could I have thoughts on this helmet please.   Could I have thoughts on this helmet please.  

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