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dak helmet

Article about: ive found this helmet for sale and the price is low i have not yet looked into camo helmets yet still waiting for a book to come in the mail but might sell. just would like to no what you gu

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    Looks like both decals have been 'liberated' after the fact. That and the swastika scratched into the crown area would certainly lower the attractiveness for me. Plus if the seller doesn't want to take a few extra shots (2-3 minutes work) to sell this lid I'd be telling him where to go.

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    ive sent msg again ask if he could take close up photo of the paint and decals in sunlight. so will just wait and see. he has a m42 for sale to. the helmet looks good, but there both around the same price so to me thats a bit strange

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    Where is the seller located?

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    here in australia

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    thats why it has a good chance of being a vet bring . if real

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    Possibly, but it also flies in the face of the seller being prepared to ship the helmet to a consigner in Canada. I think the seller is trying to pressure you into a purchase with such a threat and also a refusal to supply better pics.

    Having said that, I do like the legitimate looking wear around the brim. If the price is relatively cheap then perhaps it is worth a punt but I'd be bugging the seller for better pics for sure. I guess he's too far away for an in-hand inspection?

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    Sound like he is trying to squeeze you a bit. The helmet looks cleaned around the decals. Maybe i said that before... More and better pics needed, preferably with a paper sheet next to it with a random word of you choice written on it. To ensure he actually have it. If he refuses he's no good.

    Regards, Lars

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    I agree about the decals they appear liberated from these photos . which is sad if the helmet was an original Dak.

    regards Paul

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    From what I am seeing so far, I am not liking it. True DAK helmets have a much more "pink" shade of tan yellow paint.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    yea i might leve it alone then but i will wait and see if he does send some better pics. thanks for the help guys

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