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Dd heer m35 helmet for opinions, please

Article about: Hi: Please, I need your opinions of this helmet that I bought, specially the decals if is possible. Thanks in advance. Gonzalo. Headgear: WH (Heer) M35 DD Combat Helmet

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    Thanks for posting the images Gonzalo. I really like the look of this helmet. I have purchased from this seller earlier this year and he was great to deal with and I believe an honourable man.

    Everything looks good with this lid but I understand your question regarding the tricolour. Although I’m not one of the decal experts, what catches my eye is the sharp edge to the left side of the decal where the straight side meets the curve as opposed to the right side of the shield. Could be a printing fault or perhaps when it was slid on the long edge was folded under a little bit?? Let’s wait and see what the decal experts conclude.


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    By the way, looks like the liner may have a name as I can see what looks like some letters at 11 O’clock in your liner photo.


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    New pics, Nick, thank you very much. In other forum some people think that the decal is post war or possible fake tricolor decal.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Dd heer m35 helmet for opinions, please   Dd heer m35 helmet for opinions, please  

    Dd heer m35 helmet for opinions, please  

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    Yes, Andy, is the soldier Lorenz Roiss (Podersdorf Sollner....??)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Dd heer m35 helmet for opinions, please  

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    Yes. Andy, Jim is an excellent person and he refunds me the money without problem (He confirm it to me). He honestly had not noticed what you said about the decal, and that is the problem that other people say. The point is that, therefore, the shadow of doubt affects the piece...

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    I think you might be right about the names. I saw a helmet recently with the name Otto Lorenz in it so perhaps it was named twice. What were the main concerns with the tricolour on the other forums?


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    In other forum say that the eagle decal is good but the tricolor is not an ET tricolor and has no traits with other Original ones.

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    I agree, I do not like the NC decal. The most glaring thing wrong is the sharp point to the left edge of the white section, as mentioned. But also the black section appears too large and the red section too small. Plus, the left edge of the black section seems to rise at an angle rather than be perfectly perpendicular. For a helmet that costs this much, everything needs to be one looker original.


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    For that sort of money you want rock solid looking decals and I have to agree that the tricolour does look off. The proportions do not look correct, I also do not like the same like small scratches covering the decal. That's looks abit contrived imo. A shame, it would have been a nice looking single decal helmet.

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    I did not pick up on the tricolor which was a mistake. Now, looking at it I have agree with Andy, Terry, Blackdog - the proportion of red and black don't look correct as well as the sharp left edge. Below is an ET tricolor for comparison.
    If this is the case, and considering the cost of the helmet - you would want to be 100% sure it was all good.

    Dd heer m35 helmet for opinions, please Dd heer m35 helmet for opinions, please

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