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Dd m35

Article about: I don't think the decals has been liberated, it is due the helmets was cleaned from the surface rust with a kind of rough sponge, after the chemical cleaning. You cannot liberate them, due t

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    Default DD M35 Helmet

    Hello helmet experts.

    I am just about to buy one of these maybe both helmets. Can you please give me some opinions on these please. The seller says that the liner is not from the helmet itself. What is the price range for such a helmet?

    Thank you


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC05016.JPG 
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Name:	DSC05005.JPG 
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Name:	DSC05006.JPG 
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Name:	DSC05017(1).JPG 
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Name:	DSC05009.JPG 
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    Default Re: Dd m35

    I see two shells - and they both would be considered 'semi-relics'.


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    Default Re: Dd m35

    Yes i know there is two. A 66 size and a 68. I might buy one of them, maybe both. This is the pics i got from the seller. I see my text can be a bit confusing. I will edit it. Yes they are what you can call semi-relic, but that does not matter to me. I like relics. Any opinions about good or not?

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    Default Re: Dd m35

    I wouldn't pay too much for either one, probably no more than $150-$200 max.


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    Default Re: Dd m35

    Thanks a lot for the input Walkwolf.

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    Default Re: Dd m35

    Lars, I don't know about the decals - or what's left of them - from these shots,
    but are you thinking of restoring the liner in one.........?


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    Default Re: Dd m35

    I actually don't know yet. I have not really thought about that. First of all i consider buying one or both. The only helmets i have is real relic condition helmets i have dug out, and a SS helmet i bought in a Russian village. Still need to verify that one though.

    Should i request better pics of the decals of the two helmets?

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    Default Re: Dd m35

    You could - and then post them here for the real experts to see
    and comment upon - but the overall condition of each of these
    helmet shells makes me think they are not worth a whole
    lot of money.........


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    Default Re: Dd m35

    The thing that worries me is that youve been told the liner or liners are not from the helmets, in that case are the helmet sizes correct as at least one of those liners doesnt fit the shell from what i can see, also the pictures are taken from an angle, which doesnt help to fully assess the decals

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    Default Re: Dd m35

    About the liner i am not too sure what it was he wrote in the email. I had my wife to translate it form Russian. My Russian is still not good enough to make deals. But there was something with one of the liners. I also don't like the angled pictures but the seller seems to be ok, so i will request better decal pics. Thank you for your opinion.

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