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DD M35 Luft for Review

Article about: This guy is rusty, but the decals still look good, what is one in this shape worth? Also is the liner original? If it is, it is in great shape.

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    Default DD M35 Luft for Review

    This guy is rusty, but the decals still look good, what is one in this shape worth? Also is the liner original? If it is, it is in great shape.

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    I love the decals, but my main concern is the rust. Would it get worse over time? I really wish I could hold it in person before buying.

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    Maybe I'm overly cautious, but there is so much rust and paint missing from all over the helmet, but the decals are almost entirely intact. I don't know what to think of this one. I've also been awake for 3 hours so that might have something to do with my cautious opinion, lol

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    I agree. It is only $750, but the rust just worries me, and I feel like I may be more happy if I saved the $750 and used it towards a slightly nice one with less rust. It is just hard to pass up a DD at that price.

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    MAP is online now


    I have an SS that has heavy surface rust but with a minty decal, so I've seen this before but more often than not it's a warning flag IMHO.

    Agree with MD that this is worrisome, but I think this one may stand a chance. But I'm not an expert on decals. It does look like the less common Standard" ET style 2nd pattern decal that is missing the "dot" at the base of the top right wing as outlined in Ken N's book. But as noted, I'm not an expert. (Note that this type is normally found on later manufactured M35 ET or Q made helmets. Given that it is a reinforced aluminum liner this fits the timeframe. Do you know the maker?

    I would wait for others and if not other comments, I would follow MD's advice over my observations.

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    Hi, personally I think that it is all in order and the decals are fine, but I would hold on for a better example as I am sure you will want to upgrade this one at some point. Leon.
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    From what I can see it looks correct. Just a question if its where you want to put $750 which is a reasonable price I think.


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