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dd ss helmet

Article about: can the lot number tell when and where made !!!

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    can the lot number tell when and where made !!!

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    You can tell where (NS plant is in Schwerte) but not when, sometime before the end of 1940 is the closest you can get. I forget when NS began making the M35, maybe 1937 or '38.... I will check when I get home.

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    thanks does anyone know when dougb will be back.

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    I have been told the lot number can confirm ss or not, if so does anyone else have the D166 on any helmet.

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    I don't know if/when Doug will be returning here. I'll ask him about that lot number as he keeps a database of SS lots. It can help but as I said, any given lot number could have helmets from various branches. It's never certain.

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    thanks I am just trying to narrow the possibilities down. if not ss I may try to remove the decals and have a plain m35.

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    The lot number is by no means a certainty on branch of service. What I will say is that my lot number book only gives a double decal POLICE helmet for a M35 NS64 D166. I must admit that I am starting to think that my initial thoughts on the original decals having been lost to the "digging out" process and then having been replaced with the SS ones may be correct. I would not remove these ones yet though mate as I still feel they stand a chance. Leon.
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    The lot number does not come up in Doug's database.

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    thanks for trying I will wait a a little longer for a definite answer either way before I decide what to do.

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    I just had a reply from Doug after emailing him the pics, his opinion is that the decals and camo are not original. When it comes to SS decals you can put his opinion in the bank. Sorry for the bad news mate.

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