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dd ss helmet

Article about: can the lot number tell when and where made !!!

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    Default dd ss helmet

    firstly may i say it's a pleasure to be here. i need help on this helmet whatever the result i will keep it as it was a present it has lot number D166 on the neck and NS64 on the side the rues are are the correct distance from the vent and firmly fixed to the original pea green paint which has been hand painted over around the decals in field grey with a further scheme of greens and brown on top the liner band is aluminium re-enforced this has ally corrossion and pins have never been touched aso there is no paint smell just musty the liner is a chocolate brown. thanks in advance
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture dd ss helmet   dd ss helmet  

    dd ss helmet   dd ss helmet  

    dd ss helmet  

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    i dont like the look of this helmet. the ss decal is no good , are you buying this or selling.

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    Im sure i have seen this exact helmet before..cant place where

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    it was a present so i will keep it anyway just curious to know.

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    I'm not fond of the camo!...
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    Hi , welcome to the forum , the "style" of decal may be correct for a pre-war NS(often referred to as a champaign decal due to the "tint")although I would not like to say for sure from these images. I would say that the right hand side "break" to the shield looks to "soft", but that just may be the picture angle. I like the look of the base paint(although I'm not convinced by the top coat) and if this is a good one it is a fine "present!" Once again, Could you please post some straight on shots of the decals as they appear distorted from this angle. Leon.
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    Hi and welcome.

    Please post straight on shots of both decals. Try n avoid the "fish-eye" effect as well.

    In the mean time, wait for Doug or KellyH. They are the only ones I know that have great knowledge on these NS pattern type decals.


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    I will get better pictures asap, I have researched this helmet and found that the m35 ns champagne decal was virtually the only rune used on this helmet. it is the correct type I think called pocher 2nd pattern with the correct early aluminium re-enforced liner band this has a lot of corrosion on it and the pins also have some and have never been messed with. may not be ss but I am hopeful and I believe it to be an original m35 the dome stamp is also very old and matches the paint I doubt the cammo is right but it was free and looks good.

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    Hi there,

    Not only the NS type decals were used, but Pochers are expected to be seen on these as well.

    NS SS M35's are extremely rare, let alone a camo, and to my recollection there are 9 known true examples to exist.

    Not sure if your's is the real deal. NS type SS decals are very tricky to evaluate, and your best man for the job is KellyH or DougB.

    Going by the photos you've provided, the decals (if real) appear to be "dug out", or "liberated" as some collectors like to say. The camo looks suspicious as well—something is just not right—but i could be wrong.


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    [ATTACthanks for the info. just took these hope they are good enough to tell either way.H=CONFIG]644897[/ATTACH]dd ss helmet
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture dd ss helmet  

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