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Is This Decal Good?

Article about: I was wondering if this decal is a good one.

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    Default Re: Is This Decal Good?

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    the decal is an obvious fake as it lacks any metalic qualities of an original.
    Very obvious

    And well said Ade.

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    Collecting military artifacts today is a serious matter. Large sums of money are involved. The majority on the individuals involved in this field are good people but there are those who have no honor or compasion for their fellow man. Greed is their keystone in the building blocks of life.
    Beside the obvious comradery in association with fellow collectors from all over the world the study of military artifacts to learn and avoid being defrauded by the many crooks out there is of utmost concern. The gentlemen and ladies that visit here have no time for childish pranks simply because they are time consuming and very irritating.
    I would suggest that a 12 year old might want to stick to video games until he develops the proper temprament to be serious about military collecting.
    Steve Ray Sr.

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    I also never knew he was 12 , i would say keep up with the hobby and keep learning from the forum but no more games its good to have youngsters interested in this stuff , rgds im feeling old Dave

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    All I was doing is seeing how good some of you are, many collectors have told me not to trust some of the people on the forums.

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    Most of the people on this forum use a pseudonym but the majority sign off with a name. I don't want to call you Lt whatever because you are not. In the real world you have to earn that!

    NONE of us, need to be tested and tried. There are years of experience for you to have benifited from.
    However the collectors that you speak of are the ones scared of other people finding out that the militaria they have collected for 30 years............. is fake. they are the dinosaurs in this hobby, the ones with their heads burried in the sand.
    " I bought it 20 years ago so it must be right, or it came straight from the vet", blah blah blah.....

    The only way that you will ever survive in this collecting fraternity is to listen to advise that is given freely, handle known originals, understand the construction methods, and don't P$$s people off

    If some of the words are too long...ask your Dad.
    An apology would have been nice...................I doubt if many will take you seriously from now on

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    I am very sorry if I offended any of you. I have been ripped off many times
    (by even people I trust greatly and who have "helped" me on forums)

    ..... I have had "experienced" historians and collectors rip me off on other forums before. All I know is that I have had numerous experiences on forums with legitimate, nice people and with scammers.

    I am very sorry, and I did not intend for this to go to personally with any of you.

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    Thank you for posting this apology. I appreciate it.

    Indeed there are many sharks in this hobby, and someone who would take advantage of a very young collector is the lowest of the low. However, this is a pleasant forum with some very fine people on board.

    Let us all put this matter behind us now and get back to talking militaria.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Is This Decal Good?

    Fair cop

    Move on.....It's still a bad decal

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    I'm very impressed that a 12 year old is that interested in Miltaria !!

    Plus has that much cash they have been ripped off many times
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    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

    House Carles at the Battle of Hastings

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    good point Paul?

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