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Do you try the helmets on???

Article about: Gentlemen, I think this photograph answers the question !.....last years Christmas card !

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    lol itd be rude not to try it on just to c if it fits i did halloween in a repro ss oakleaf painted my face to look like a skull and popped my lid on then carted a plastic mp40 woth me i had a laff i even got in the bars dreseed that way hehehe

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    It's not just adults.......
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Do you try the helmets on???  

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    Every now and then I'll put everything on and check myself out in the full-length mirror. I want to immerse myself in that historical time-period...Plus, I look damn cool!!

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    Default Re: Do you try the helmets on???

    As a child i used to play the german soldier with a rusted M42 shell and rusted gasmask canister. Now i don't try them on me.

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Quote by AdrianC View Post
    It's not just adults.......
    that is a great pic very cool.

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    lol adrian just makes me think " they dont like it up em!!" from dads army to all you guys outside of the uk youll have to hunt down a few epeisodes and enjoy my fave the uboat crew episode!!

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    I have tried on the few that fit me. One summer, many years ago I worked as a parking lot attendant in the hot southern California desert and wore one of my Heer pith helmets on the job all day in the scorching heat. A German tourist pulled in and was bewildered and then asked to try it on as he had never seen a real one in his life. I had to wear a steel pot in the US as a paratrooper for 3 years, so I kind of got over the temptation to wear a helmet other than to try on the larger ones on my big head. I seem to be a tight fit in a 58 liner.

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    Im glad i started this thread the replies, and pics are guys diverts slightly and mentions the smell of old helmets and of course this is a good point in identyfying genuine items.i collect antiques also, and i find and have read that old leather smells like pepper.iv got german jackboots from the russian front, and the smell of the leather is glorious ,and very peppery,lv

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    have tried a few lids on (no photos!) and i think everybody has if they tell the truth!!

    rob, i agree love that old musty smell of helmets ,cloth ,and paper!!

    lv, i just got a lid in this morning and it fits to a T and also the liner has the ''smell'' happy days all round!

    cheers ewan

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    Quote by LAS VEGAS View Post
    I was wondering do any of the guys try their german helmets on their heads.i have found they look at their best on a human head.i have tried mine on with the zeltbahn, and mosin nagant deact ,and thought i was in stalingrad.It really looks fantastic especially with some period kit.go on admit it you do?lv
    OK I cannot even go further in this thread than post number 1.

    Helmets look best on a shelf. Unless you have decapitated human heads on your shelf.

    Your comment about playing dressup and pretending your at Stalingrad is pretty degrading as a fellow collector. In particular that only about 5000 men survived the surrender and anyone with half a brain who has read Stalingrad realized it was hell on earth. The German POWs who were sent back to clear the rubble from Stalingrad had lost their teeth, were starving to death, and suffering from a number of deadly diseases. Stalingrad was not something to glorify when trying on your helmets unless you think it was a fun place to be and the comment is rather childish and un-collector like I find.

    Finally yes I have put a helmet on my head but only when really drunk with other collectors or when both my hands were full and I couldnt put one down, LOL.

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