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Does this army helmet appear authentic???

Article about: Does this helmet appear authentic? If so, how much is it worth in US dollars?

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    Default Re: Does this army helmet appear authentic???

    " i dont see the tell tail dot on the talon"

    Dave, I think that you are thinking of the "ET" Heer decals that have a dot on the talon farthest to the rear of the helmet. Q Big foot decals do not have that dot. Also, look at the middle claw of the bird's left foot, it has the proper curl seen on Q decals. The outter edges of the wings also look right, and the bird's jaw is the same as those on some Q decal print runs. I think the decal is fine, but as I said before, I just am not comfortable with the liner/chinstrap combo from the pictures available. Just my opinion, and I have been known to be wrong in the past, just ask my wife. Cheers, Jim G.

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    Default Re: Does this army helmet appear authentic???

    Thanks for that Jim, yes im wrong and was confusing the decals, thats what comes of staying up too late and yes my missus is just the same, but i think youre right about the liner/chinstrap, somethings not quite kosher with it, cheers dave

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